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Property Maintenance

Don’t Neglect These 6 Fall Maintenance Tasks on Your Rental Property


Fall is officially upon us, which means cooler temperatures (and even some snow, depending on where you live) are on the way. With more temperate weather, now is the perfect time to catch up on some maintenance tasks on your property. To ensure your property’s longevity, make sure to complete these maintenance tasks each fall season.


Clean Your Gutters

Storms and falling leaves all fill up in your gutters and can affect the drainage around your property. Over time, this can lead to water damage around the exterior foundation. Regular gutter cleanings are an essential aspect of your fall maintenance, protecting your drainage systems from the winter precipitation ahead.


Clean Your Yard

Fall brings all manner of debris into your yard, from falling leaves to twigs, sticks, and other debris. Cleaning your yard during the fall will help ensure your lawn grows back lush and green again in the spring.


Winterize Your Pipes

A burst pipe in the middle of the winter can lead to unwelcome expenses and vacancies while completing plumbing repairs. Fortunately, taking a few simple steps to winterize your pipes before the cold season begins can effectively ward off any cold-weather plumbing issues.


Store Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor living spaces can be a major selling point for tenants. If you have your own outdoor furniture on your rental property, remember to cover and store it in a weather-proofed building to prolong its life and usefulness. Sun washed, rusted furniture does not market well to potential future tenants.


Check All Weather-Stripping and Insulation

Feeling the gusty winter air coming in through cracks in windows and doors is unpleasant for your tenants, but it also provides another concern: if you include the cost of utilities in your rent, you could be losing a lot of money through inefficiency. Weather-stripping provides a simple way to insulate your home against cold weather, so make sure to check it each year for peeling or cracking, and replace as necessary.


Clean Chimneys and Fireplaces

If you have a chimney or fireplace on your property, neglecting cleaning can pose a safety risk. A buildup of creosote can be deadly, so it’s essential to clean the chimney or fireplace at least once a year. Fall is the perfect time to do it before people start building their cozy winter fires.


The Benefits of Having a Property Manager

Fall brings with it a long list of maintenance tasks – when you own your property as an additional property stream, it can seem daunting to tackle these on top of your regular job and own home maintenance tasks. A property management company can take on all aspects of owning rental property, from collecting rent and screening tenants to maintaining the property and resolving potential issues.


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