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Property Management

Profitable. Efficient. Predictable. OneRate.

Property management that uses cutting-edge technology without losing the human element.


Why choose Home365 Property Management?

We are your all-inclusive property management company that is revolutionizing the rental real estate industry.

With our unrivaled OneRate model and use of cutting-edge technology, Home365 Property Management delivers the most efficient solutions to rental property owners.

What if Property Management Could...

Predict Profits
Your profits = Rent – expenses.
We leverage cutting-edge technology to remove the risks and unknowns from property management – effectively minimizing your stress and maximizing your ROI.
Forget Maintenance Costs
Our failure prediction algorithms, monitoring sensors, and proactive seasonal maintenance prevent unwanted incidents. This increases your property value and protects you from possible liabilities.
Pay OneRate
Trust requires transparency. Our unprecedented OneRate model includes the cost of maintenance, tenant turnover, system monitoring and more. This means zero fees or unknown costs for our property owners.

Home365 Property Management is designed to remove the risks and unknowns of rental property ownership while driving predictable profits and taking responsibilities like cost of routine maintenance and tenant turnover off your shoulders.

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