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Investors in the Seattle, Washington area looking to profit off their property can universally benefit from hiring expert property management services. Fortunately, high-quality property management in Seattle is easy to come by—all you need to do is get in touch with Home365.

Taking our scale and use of technology into consideration, it’s no surprise that Home365’s property management clients in Seattle are getting affordable services, allowing them to make a larger profit—all through hiring the top property managers in Seattle, WA.


Home365 is a property management company in Seattle that works with investors of all sizes, whether they’re big or small. When investors receive property management services from us, they can rest assured that their property won’t be vacant for long.

If you’re seeking out property management in Seattle or surrounding areas, Home365 is the team of experienced property managers in Seattle that you need to turn to. When you take advantage of our innovative services, it’s easier than ever to profit off your Seattle investment property.

When you work with the most reliable property management company in Seattle, you can even reap the rewards of our disruptive Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee.

Full-Service Property Management in Seattle, WA

No matter which property management service you’re looking for, investors in the Seattle region can receive it when they work with Home365. When you utilize well-rounded property management services, you can be confident that every step in the management process is being taken care of.


Those looking to profit off of their investment property can benefit from hiring property management in Seattle. When you work with a full-service property management company in Seattle, like Home365, you’ll receive all the following property management services:

Step 1 of Property Management in Seattle: Performing a Property Evaluation and Estimating the Rental Rate

For property management in Seattle to succeed, you need to start by learning more about the investment property. By performing a thorough evaluation, Home365’s property managers in Seattle can estimate a rental rate and craft your own tenant profile. To perform this analysis, Home365 will bring in trained and licensed agents and brokers to examine the property. When Home365 handles property management in Seattle, we take these evaluations very seriously. That means that we step outside the bounds of publicly accessible data to learn more about our clients’ investment properties. We are able to access key resources that aren’t available to the public. This makes it even simpler for Home365’s property managers in Seattle to optimize your deal.

Step 2 of Property Management in Seattle: Screening Interested Tenants and Choosing the Best Option

When you hire a team to take care of property management in Seattle, you’re probably expecting them to find the perfect tenant for your investment property. As the top property management company in Seattle, Home365 doesn’t take this duty for granted. We’re willing to put in the work to find an ideal tenant. However, this means that performing a credit score check isn’t enough to decide on a tenant. When investors collaborate with Home365 for property management in Seattle, they can expect us to take the tenant selection process a step further. We’ll perform background checks on each person interested in renting out your property. To make things even easier on the investor, Home365 will also handle any reference calls and conversations with the prospective tenants’ prior landlords. And those who partner with Home365 Property Management in Seattle will also reap the rewards of our proprietary screening and underwriting procedure.

Step 3 of Property Management in Seattle: Advertising Your Investment Property

Successful and tactful advertising is one of the most important parts of property management in Seattle. The reasons behind this aren’t difficult to fathom: When you succeed with your advertising strategy, that means your property will catch the attention of more potential tenants. If your intended audience doesn’t know that your property is an option, then they’re not going to contact you about becoming a tenant. Home365 provides all our property management clients with an effective advertising strategy and eye-catching listing ads. Our team of property managers in Seattle will stop by the property to capture high-quality photos and videos for advertising purposes. This media will then be used by Home365 to professionally market your property, fulfilling this essential step of property management in Seattle, WA. If you decide to work with Home365 for property management in Seattle, your property’s lease will typically be filled within just two weeks. These turnover speeds are just another reason we’re the most impressive provider of property management in Seattle.

Step 4 of Property Management in Seattle: Moving New Tenants Into Your Investment Property

Now that the Home365 team has found the perfect tenant for your property, it’s time for move-in day to be arranged. And we never skimp on important move-in procedures, working overtime to make sure the process runs smoothly and without complications. Each tenant will be presented with a custom-made Welcome Kit containing vital information about the property. Property management in Seattle also involves a move-in inspection to give you a clearer sense of the property’s condition upon move-in. Whatever Home365 uncovers through the move-in inspection will be communicated to our client. To access this information, all the client needs to do is log into the online Portal we’ve provided them with. Home365 recognizes that if you’re not staying up-to-date on your property, then we’re not doing our job as providers of property management in Seattle.

Step 5 of Property Management in Seattle: Managing Tenants and Collecting Rent Payments

Tenant management is one of the most continuous tasks involved with property management in Seattle. It’s a wise idea for Seattle-based investors to avoid treating their tenants like a dollar sign. Instead, each of these individuals should be treated with respect and dignity at any point during property management in Seattle, WA. When one of your tenants engages in positive behaviors, Home365 will reinforce these actions with special perks. Positive behaviors come in many forms, including paying their rent on time (and making this a habit), abiding by one-time reporting of maintenance or repair issues, and so much more. Even when there’s a breach in contract, Home365 doesn’t allow this to tarnish how we treat our tenants. Although these situations can be one of the more complex parts of property management in Seattle, Home365 will settle them in the investor’s place. Meanwhile, every tenant will be treated with the respect they were promised—absolutely no exceptions. If you’re collaborating with Home365 for property management in Seattle, it’s rare that evictions will come into play. Although our team prefers to avoid these situations, we’re sometimes left with no other option. In those instances, the Home365 team will calmly and respectfully evict the tenant from your property.

Step 6 of Property Management in Seattle: Managing Financials and Reporting

Home365 will professionally manage our clients’ finances relating to the property we’re managing. Each client will be given access to a unique Portal, which is an invaluable resource if they’re looking to stay on top of their finances. Financials such as balances, income, and expenses can all be located through the client’s Portal. If you’re hoping to profit off property management in Seattle, then you’re likely expecting to receive payments in a timely fashion. With Home365, whenever one of your tenants pays their rent, you’ll receive these funds within three days. Reporting information is also available through the Portal, including updates on maintenance, remodeling, and repair requests.

Step 7 of Property Management in Seattle: Tackling Maintenance and Repair Projects

Whenever a tenant reports a maintenance problem, the Home365 team won’t hesitate to begin resolving the issue. We utilize a heavily automated process to get these jobs done, with tenants reporting their concerns through the most convenient apps associated with property management in Seattle. If a repair project is in the works, the client will receive regular video updates on its progress. You can also stay confident that a skilled services professional has been sent to take care of the job. Tenants are given the chance to rate any workers we send out to the property. Additionally, Home365 uses more than 30 data points to gauge the skill and cost-effectiveness of a service worker. If they don’t reach the baseline standard we’ve established, then Home365 is no longer open to working with them. When a maintenance or repair project needs to take place, the client will be sent a quote that they can personally approve. For property management in Seattle to be worth what the client is paying, these providers should never take a commission for repairs or mark up repair costs—and Home365 takes this to heart. Real-time data and updates will also be accessible by the client whenever their investment property is being repaired or worked on.

Step 8 of Property Management in Seattle: Moving Out the Tenant and Ensuring a Speedy Turnover

Move-out day is just as crucial as move-in day when you’re receiving expert property management in Seattle. A move-out inspection will take place to see if the property has been damaged or otherwise altered over the tenant’s stay. If a maintenance or repair job becomes necessary, it will be paid for with the tenant’s security deposit. Turnover speeds with Home365 are unmatched, and your lease probably won’t remain empty for long.

Step 9 of Property Management in Seattle: Support Services Provided by the Top Property Managers in Seattle

If you’re a client of Home365 and you run into any issues, it’s quick and easy to get in touch with our team for help. We take support services very seriously and never want our clients to be left confused or with unanswered questions about property management in Seattle. For additional information about property management in Seattle, simply get in touch with Home365 or take a look at our FAQs. Want to know more? We are happy to chat. Submit your question here or visit our FAQs section.

Property Management Company in Seattle, WA

For property management in Seattle to be at its best, providers should be using innovative techniques and technology to get the job done with ease and efficiency. For instance, Home365 takes advantage of artificial intelligence and a preventative sensory system to service our clients. Not only do we offer unique tech, but these tools are supported by the strongest team of property managers in Seattle.


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