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Registering Your Rental Property in Detroit


Detroit requires property owners to register their rental properties with the city. Landlords are also required to obtain a certificate of compliance, which must be renewed every two to three years, depending on the property type (single-family to two units versus three-plus units). The purpose of the rental registration and certificate of compliance program is to ensure that all rental properties in the city meet basic health and safety standards and to help the city track and monitor rental properties.

To register a rental property in Detroit, property owners must first register the property as a rental.  A certificate of compliance will also need to be obtained by passing a third-party inspection, and a lead test (if the property was built before 1978) must be performed.  There is a list of authorized inspection companies on the accela/eLaps website.

If you have any further questions about the rental registration and licensing process in Detroit, you should contact the Building Safety, Engineering, and Environmental Department.

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