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Top Things a Renter Wants in a Rental Property


When a renter is searching for a home, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. On top of that, the renter may have lots of options based on the area for properties. When marketing and maintaining a property, here are the top things to consider renters are looking for:


Safety and Security:

One of the most important factors a renter looks for in a potential rental property is safety and security. Things like a secure door and lock, working fire alarms, windows, and detectors can be the minimum for some renters to consider a property.



 Location is key when a renter is looking for a property. Renters usually narrow down on location based on place of work or school, amenities, etc. then search within that radius. 



Another critical factor when searching for a rental property is affordability. Renters want a property that fits their budget. Renters not only take into consideration the rent costs but also utility bills, security deposits, and so on. 


Up-to-date and Comfortable Living Space:

Renters want a comfortable living space that includes basic amenities like heating and cooling. They also will look into the appliances to make sure they will function properly and may prefer newer appliances. 


Good Landlords or Property Management:

Renters want a property that has an approachable and responsive landlord or property management company. Making sure the point gets across that the property will have good customer service and a quick response time to repair work are critical demands from renters.


Home365 can provide full-service property management services you need for your property. Request a quote today. 


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