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5 Simple but Effective Ways to Secure Your Vegas Rental Property


As a landlord, it’s easy to overlook the security measures in place at your investment property. After all, you’re not the one living there, so the idea of someone breaking in is likely far from your mind.


But it shouldn’t be.


You and your Vegas rental house management company are responsible for making sure your tenants are safe from intruders. Not to mention, added security measures increase the value of your rental and allow you to command a higher rent.


And while investing in a rental property that’s located in a ‘crime-free zone’ would be ideal, it’s not realistic to think your property is safe from all crime.


Because of this, we’re going to share with you the best ways to secure your Las Vegas, NV rental property. This way your tenants can rest assured their families are safe and you can rest easy knowing your property is secure.


Top Ways to Safeguard Your Las Vegas, NV Rental Property

1. Secure the Main Entrances

The only way your rental property is going to be burglarized is if an intruder can find a way inside. Because of this, it’s crucial you secure the main entrances into the property.


Start by adding deadbolts to all entrance doors. Though a single deadbolt will do the trick, a double deadbolt works that much better. This is especially true if you have a window near an entrance. A double deadbolt will prevent a thief from breaking the window and reaching in to unlock the door.


In addition, consider using only metal or solid wood doors on your rental property. Though not impossible to penetrate, you can bet an intruder will have a tough time kicking in a solid wood or metal door. And seeing as how 34% of burglars enter through the front door, this is a surefire strategy for helping thwart a break-in.


Lastly, always re-key your property whenever an old tenant leaves. The last thing you want is for your new tenants to have a run-in with your old tenants because they entered the property using a key.


In need of some extra entryway security measures? Check out these quick tips:

  • Remind your tenants to always lock their windows and doors
  • Install a garage door opener to prevent easy entrance
  • Place motion sensor lights above all main entrances
  • Install a smart doorbell so tenants can see who is at the door before answering
  • Mount a camera in every entryway


The more secure your rental property is from the outside, the more secure your tenants will be on the inside.


2. Install a Home Security System

A home security system provides the most effective protection against a break-in. Not to mention, it’s often the most cost-effective way to secure your rental property.


Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of security systems you can have installed:


  • Basic Home Security System: this is the most affordable type of home security system. It detects unauthorized entry into the property. From there, it sounds an alarm to alert your tenants or their neighbors when an intrusion is taking place. Usually, the loud noise of the alarm is enough to scare off the intruder.
  • Smart Lock Security Systems: this involves a keyless entry system. Rather than deal with locks and keys, a smart lock security system uses a keypad that requires a code to enter the property. Smart lock systems lock automatically, which is great for those times your tenants forget to lock the door. They’re also an affordable security system that won’t eat into your bottom line.
  • Smart Security Sensors: smart home security systems go beyond sensors on entryways. For example, a smart security system detects broken glass, floods, smoke, and even carbon monoxide levels. These systems can alert you and your tenants anytime there’s a serious issue.


The type of security system you put in place will depend on your needs and budget. But even something as simple as a keyless entry system makes a difference in securing your rental.


3. Expose Hiding Spots

Someone trying to break into your rental property will try to hide during the act, so they don’t get caught. That’s why exposing the hiding spots around your property is so important.


To start, install motion sensor lights around the entire property. This will light up unwelcome guests and hopefully deter them. Plus, it gives your tenants added light when going to and from their home at night.


In addition, install automatic timers inside the property that turn on and off while your tenant is away. This gives the impression that someone is home and will prevent a home invasion.


Lastly, explain to your tenants the link between yard maintenance and safety. Then, have them trim overgrown trees and bushes to free up space around the property that intruders can easily hide in.


If your tenants aren’t responsible for yard maintenance, have a professional clean up every season. This will help protect your tenants and maintain your property’s curb appeal.


4. Screen Your Tenants

You may not think that your tenants would contribute to a security issue. But trust us, without proper tenant screening, you risk placing a tenant with bad intentions, or at the very least, bad friends.


You can prevent a lot of illegal activity and potential break-ins by screening all prospective tenants.


This means running a credit check, verifying employment and income, and checking all references. But more than that, it means running a full background check. Doing this helps you identify tenants that may be a risk to others or your rental property.



Of course, proper tenant screening won’t guarantee nothing bad happens. But it will help.


5. Create an Away-From-Home Plan for Tenants

It’s a good idea to tell your tenants how to handle things when they plan to be away from the property for a few days or more. This is where an away-from-home plan comes in handy.


Many times, people forget how vulnerable their empty homes and personal belongings become when they are away. But if you think back to the classic movie Home Alone, you know there are intruders just waiting for your tenants to leave so they can break-in.


Here are some tips you can give your tenants for those times they’re going to be away:


  • Store all valuables and important documents in a fire-proof safe
  • Do not announce vacations on social media or post pictures during the time away
  • Stop deliveries such as the newspaper and mail so it doesn’t pile up
  • Arrange for a friend or family member to swing by the property to check on things
  • Ensure all yard maintenance is handled before leaving
  • Check on the security system and lights to make sure everything is on and working


In the end, by helping your tenants protect their things, you’re also protecting your investment.


Final Thoughts


Are you in need of Las Vegas property management?


If so, now is the time to start looking for a Vegas rental house management company to help you with managing your rental property.


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We understand that finding the right property management company for your needs is tough. That’s why we strive to make things as easy and affordable as possible on all our property owners. To find out more about our unique, technology-driven solutions, contact us today and see how we can help.

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