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Home365 is here to make property management easy for you in Hampton Roads.

Property Management in Hampton Roads

Our team uses our innovative system to find the best tenants for your property. We'll vet prospective tenants using various processes, such as checking their credit and rental history and performing background checks.

We ensure you get your rent every month, every year. Tenants can use the tenant portal to submit payments online, making the rental collection process easy since all collections are in a central location.

Through our system, you gain access to your property's finances and reports in a dashboard you can access whenever you want.

We help manage your property's tenants after they are approved to move into your property. We help with the tenant move-in process and any issues renters may face, like rent, maintenance or general concerns.

Customize your plan when you work with Home365. We ensure you receive an affordable plan that meets your property management needs. We calculate your price using over 40 criteria to ensure you get one that suits your property and goals.

Our local teams can conduct property inspections at your Hampton Roads locations to ensure they meet local and state codes. These teams will use our comprehensive system to search for issues and, if they spot problems, will provide solutions to fix them immediately.

When your property has vacancies, rely on us to advertise and market them so new tenants come in as soon as possible. Your local Home365 team can market the property so it appeals to the local pool of renters.

Whenever a maintenance issue comes around, our team will handle it for you. We'll find suitable vendors and schedule appointments to ensure the problems get solved.

Hampton Roads Property Management: Local knowledge

Why Choose Home365 for Property Management in Hampton Roads?

Invest and rest without worrying because Home365 has local experts in Hampton Roads who can handle managing your property. They will handle everything while you monitor to ensure things work smoothly.

Our OneRate plan ensures you get paid total rent every year without worrying about fees.

Keep up with changes made at your rental properties using our seamless dashboard with live updates. You’ll have total transparency about everything, even when you aren’t in the area.

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Total housing units

Near several historically rich areas, the need for housing units is in demand

$290 k

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Median house value

Norfolk & Hampton Roads offer affordable investment opportunities and home prices sit below the national average. The median sales price for a home in Norfolk & Hampton Roads is $290,000


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Rental percentage

38.70% of Norfolk & Hampton Roads residents rent over owning

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Contact Home365 for Property Management in Hampton Roads

When you want to optimize your Hampton Roads property management, partner with Home365. Our teams are ready to help you invest in properties in Hampton Roads and rest while we take care of the management side. Start by requesting a quote today!

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