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Make your life easier with full-service property management solutions from Home365.

Property Management Pottstown: How it works

Our real estate property management allows owners and landlords to pick and choose the services they need. We offer ways to create the best, tailored plans with over 40 criteria at cost-effective rates.

We provide a detailed approach to screen prospective tenants and ensure they're a good fit for your property before we fill vacancies. Our screening process includes credit, background and rental history checks.

Our Home365 team provides reliable communication to your tenants, starting from their move-in process and throughout their lease. We offer assistance to answer questions and address their maintenance concerns.

We conduct property inspections regularly so you meet standards and keep your tenant satisfaction high. Our advanced inspection system detects maintenance issues early on so we can take action as soon as possible.

Our team handles all your property maintenance. When we receive a maintenance request, we communicate with our network of local vendors and schedule an appointment to fix the issue right away.

We make rent collection simple with a tenant portal. Our OnDemand system allows tenants to submit their monthly payments easily and the money goes directly to your owner account where you can track the payment histories.

Our OnDemand system provides all your property information in one central dashboard. Access tenant records, maintenance services and finance reports at your fingertips, 24/7.

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Pottstown Property Management: Local knowledge

Why Choose Home365 for Property Management in Pottstown?

Our professionals use their local network with vendors to maintain your Pottstown properties.

We handle all rental property management, including advertising, maintenance and rent collection.

Our OnDemand plan shows up-to-date insights and tracks all things relating to the property.

We offer a OneRate plan to give you peace of mind knowing you’ll receive payments no matter what.

Our OneRate plan prevents you from paying unexpected charges for maintenance, evictions or vacancies.

We provide a convenient, stress-free way to build your real estate portfolio and watch your wealth grow.


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Total housing units

With a growing market, housing units will also need to increase

$255 k

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Median house value

The median home price is around $255,000. Home prices are below the national average in the United States.


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Rental percentage

More than half of Pottstown residents rent over owning

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Your local Pottstown property management experts

Our team of property managers in Pottstown is committed to providing top quality services that exceed expectations. Our property management company in Pottstown believes in putting integrity and ethical standards first while ensuring we meet your high level of expectations.

Where to find us

Main office phone: (800) 837-0037

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