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There’s an impressive number of investors in the Detroit, MI area, and all these parties can benefit from hiring a property management company in Detroit. If you’re skeptical about property management or worried that you can’t afford these services, then it’s time to get in touch with Home365 for property management in Detroit.


Thanks to our scale and strategic integration of technology, Home365 has discovered how to keep our operational costs low. And when these costs are kept to a minimum, that also means lower fees and larger profits for our property management clients. Investors looking to save big on property management companies in Detroit can rely upon the Home365 team.


Our property managers in Detroit work with any investor, regardless of size. When property investors work with Home365, one of the property management companies in Detroit, their property will rarely remain vacant for long periods of time. Thanks to our strong advertising strategies and unmatched turnover speeds, we’ll have a new client moving in before you know it.


Home365 provides property management in Detroit, as well as the city’s surrounding areas. If you’d like to learn more about working with us for property management, consider reaching out to our property managers in Detroit today. You can even take advantage of our Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee.

Highlights of the Detroit, MI Market

Investing in the Detroit real estate market has become increasingly more appealing. Take a look at why.

  • Detroit is an extremely affordable market for investors.
    ○ Home prices are significantly less than the national average.
    ○ The median sales price for a home in Detroit is $97,500.
  • The Detroit real estate market is somewhat competitive.
  • Home values in Detroit have increased 27.4% in the past year and 122% in the past five years.
  • Detroit is the largest city in Michigan.
  • Detroit is the 27th largest city in the U.S.
  • While it will forever be referred to as the Motor City, the decline in the U.S. auto
    industry has had a devastating impact on the city.
    ○ The vacancies left by the exit of the automakers has allowed companies like Walmart, Whole Foods, Microsoft, and Google to move in.

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Take a look at the following stats to better understand why the real estate market in Detroit is worth your investment.

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Property Management Company in Detroit, MI

For a property management company in Detroit to benefit investors, they need to continue innovating and advancing their technological capabilities. Home365 utilizes artificial intelligence, a preventative sensory system, and more to tackle property management in Detroit, MI. All these resources are supported by an experienced group of property managers in Detroit.

The Top Full-Service Property Management in Detroit, MI

The Ultimate Coverage plan offered by Home365 is perfect for property investors throughout the Detroit area. When clients work with our team, they’re guaranteed to receive a payout each and every month, even if their investment property is vacant.

If you’re a Detroit-based property investor, never settle for less than Home365 and our unbeatable “Invest & Rest” business model — and make a bigger profit in the process.

The Best of the Full-Service Property Management Companies in Detroit, MI

You might be surprised to learn just how complex property management actually is. There’s far more than just one process involved in managing a Detroit investment property, and it’s important that investors have all of these areas covered. Thankfully, Home365 is at the top of the full-service property management companies in Detroit. We offer the following services to our Detroit clients.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 1:

Our Experts Evaluate Your Investment Property and Determine a Rental Rate

Before all else, Home365 will send licensed brokers and agents to your Detroit investment property, kicking off the process of property management in Detroit. These trained professionals will analyze the asset you’re looking to rent out. This analysis serves several essential purposes, including determining an accurate rental rate, as well as developing a tenant profile. As the top of property management companies in Detroit, Home365 has access to data about your property that isn’t available to the public. We can then use this data to help us perform a detailed assessment of your asset.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 2:

We’ll Search for the Ideal Tenant and Perform Screenings

Home365’s property managers in Detroit want to find the ideal tenant for your investment property. In fact, we take the tenant selection process very seriously, and put significant consideration into whomever we select. When the Home365 team tackles property management in Detroit, we don’t believe it’s enough just to perform a credit check on interested tenants. Rather, our dedicated property managers in Detroit perform a detailed background check on anyone interested in renting your property. We’ll also make the process easier for our clients by reaching out to potential tenants’ prior landlords, as well as taking care of reference calls — so that the property owner doesn’t need to. Another important part of property management in Detroit is Home365’s screening/underwriting procedure, which we also perform on any interested tenant.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 3:

We’ll List and Advertise Your Rental Property

For your investment property to make a profit, you’ll need to move in a tenant. Of course, if you want to find a tenant for your property, you’ll first need to be seen by potential renters. That’s why a good advertising strategy is fundamental to property management companies in Detroit. Advertisements that are text-only aren’t enough to catch the attention of potential tenants, however. Home365 will take professional photos and videos of our clients’ investment properties, which can then be integrated into advertising materials and the property listing. Due to the strategies developed by Home365’s property managers in Detroit, we’re able to have most leases filled within two weeks.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 4:

We’ll Take Care of Move-In Day for New Tenants

If Home365 is your choice of all property management companies in Detroit, we’ll provide every new tenant with their own customized Welcome Kit. This kit will contain useful information about your asset, conveniently organized for the tenant. Move-in day is important to the Home365 team, and we want to ensure that it goes off without a hitch. We’ll begin by performing a careful move-in inspection of your investment property. Using what we find during this inspection, we’ll keep a record of the property’s condition upon move-in. In addition, each of Home365’s clients will be given their own digital Portal. This Portal will be used to keep them informed about their investment property — this includes the results of our move-in inspection. These results will be easily accessible by the client, should they want to review them.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 5:

We’ll Manage Your Tenants and Handle Rent Collection

Other property management companies in Detroit view tenants as little more than a source of profit, you’re not receiving high-quality property management in Detroit. Each renter of your property is a client of your own, and we make sure to treat them as a valued customer — not just a paycheck. This means that Home365 is dedicated to treating each of our tenants with the greatest amount of respect, at every point during the rental process. This is our philosophy for property management in Detroit. Home365 also incentivizes renters to form positive habits, as tenants of your property. They will receive perks for actions like routinely paying their rent on time, staying on top of one-time maintenance reporting, keeping the asset fit for inspections, and more. Tenants are continuously encouraged to treat your property well, thanks to Home365’s superior form of property management in Detroit. Although Home365 discourages tenants from breaching their contract, this can still sometimes occur. When there’s a contract breach, there’s no reason to worry — the Home365 team will handle the situation on your behalf, taking the necessary action to resolve the issue. Evictions are highly rare when investors work with Home365 for property management in Detroit. Although we try to avoid this outcome in any way that we can, on rare occasions, eviction becomes inevitable. Should this ever happen, Home365’s property managers in Detroit will respectfully take care of the tenant’s eviction from your property.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 6:

We’ll Stay on Top of Reporting and Financials Associated With Your Property

When an investor hires property management in Detroit, they’re surely expecting that their money will be treated with care, at every turn. Any finances associated with your property will be handled by Home365, as a part of our full-service property management approach. The client’s own Portal will be essential to keeping them informed about their finances, whenever they’d like to access this information — this includes details about income, expenses, balances, and more. When a client pays rent, you will never need to sit and wait on receiving this money. Home365 makes it our goal to keep your finances out of limbo. Once a rent payment has been made, for instance, you’ll find this money in your bank account within 3 days. Your client Portal can also be used to stay on top of reporting, should a tenant submit a maintenance, repair, or remodeling request. If any jobs are in progress, you’ll be able to keep track of them through your live dashboard.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 7:

We’ll Help Fulfill Maintenance, Repair, and Remodeling Requests (and Keep You Up to Date)

Although investors might not be happy to see their tenant report a problem, Home365 wants to make this process as automated and hassle-free as we can for our clients. A core part of our property management in Detroit involves our easy-to-use apps, which tenants can access to make maintenance or repair requests. If Home365 has started tackling a maintenance request, the client will receive timely updates and even video reports on the situation. Effective property management in Detroit should never involve leaving clients in the dark about the state of their property. The service workers that Home365 sends out to your investment property must go through a rigorous assessment to ensure that they meet our quality standards. We use more than 30 unique data points when we analyze the quality and cost-efficiency of a service professional, before dispatching them to a client’s property. Whenever one of these workers fails to meet Home365’s high standards for service professionals, they will be disqualified from helping us perform property management in Detroit. Once we generate a quote for a maintenance project, the client will receive it for personal approval. If your account is short on money and you’re unable to cover the cost that way, it’s quick and easy to pay through Home365’s own app. This is just another way we make property management in Detroit more efficient than ever before. Real-time repair data is also available to Home365’s clients and can be viewed quickly and easily. This data includes chats, phone calls, video calls, and more — whether these interactions are with the tenant or a service professional.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 8:

We’ll Provide a Hassle-Free Turnover Experience for our Clients

Turnover speeds can dramatically impact how much you’re profiting off of property management in Detroit. Home365 prioritizes fast turnover and an easy move-out experience for clients and tenants alike. In almost no time at all, you’ll have a new tenant moving into your property. Home365 is proud to offer the quickest and most cost-efficient move-out procedure when it comes to property management in Detroit. Once a tenant has vacated your property, Home365 can get to work on our move-out inspection. If we discover any problems or repairs that need to be made, we’ll dip into the tenant’s security deposit to pay for these jobs.

Property Management in Detroit, Part 9:

We Provide the Most Responsive Support Services of any Property Management Company in Detroit

If property management companies in Detroit aren’t offering clients intuitive and responsive support services, then those providers are falling short of Home365’s standard. Whenever a client of ours has questions or concerns regarding property management in Detroit, all they need to do is reach out to our support team and they’ll receive a quick response. To learn more about property management companies in Detroit or the services offered by the Home365 team, pay a visit to our FAQs. Or contact our team directly for assistance.

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