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Property management in Trenton, New Jersey, is passive and predictable with Home365.

Our Property Management Services

Your Home365 team will handle any maintenance issues your building or tenants have. We will find appropriate vendors and book appointments to ensure the problems get fixed promptly.

Our OnDemand plan comes with an online dashboard at no additional cost that gives you access to all the reports about your property, including the finances, maintenance schedules and tenant management reports.

When it's time to fill your property's vacancies, our team will handle the tenant screening process. We'll make sure your property gains suitable tenants, as we perform background, rental history and credit checks as part of our system.

When you partner with Home365, we ensure you get our plans at an affordable rate. We customize each program to ensure it meets your property management needs. Your pricing is based on several aspects, including but not limited to your property's size, age and location.

Our team can also handle marketing your rental property. We'll see that your property gets advertised so people become interested and vacancies get filled.

Our team also conducts inspections to ensure your property looks good and functions appropriately for your tenants. We'll use our preventative inspection system to thoroughly check the building and take action where needed.

Collecting rent is easy with Home365. Tenants can pay using the tenant portal, and you'll receive the money and track payments through the owner portal.

While we handle prospective tenants, we also provide services for current tenants. Your renters can rely on our Trenton team for help with maintenance, rent or general questions or concerns they may have.

Property Management Trenton: Local knowledge

Why Choose Home365 for Property Management in Trenton, NJ?

Access information about your properties and tenants in an online dashboard that gets live updates as things happen. It provides complete transparency, so you always know what’s happening and when.

You’ll work with a team of members local to Trenton who know how to market the area and which vendors are reliable for maintenance or repairs. Their expert knowledge will benefit your property.

We guarantee 12 months of rent every month and every year, no matter what.


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Total housing units

Near several metro areas, the need for housing units is likely to increase

$161 k

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Median house value

Trenton offers affordable investment opportunities and home prices sit below the national average. The median sales price for a home in Trenton is $161,500


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Rental percentage

Well more than half of Trenton residents rent over owning

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Contact Home365 for Property Management in Trenton NJ

Home365 is here whenever you want to upgrade and streamline your property management processes for your Trenton properties. Our systems and teams are equipped with tools to help you make adjustments that benefit your tenants while ensuring your property investment stays secure. Learn more about how Home365 is perfect for your property management needs when you request a quote and contact us today.

Where to find us

Main office phone: (800) 837-0037
354 S Broad St, Suite 101 Trenton, NJ 08608

In person appointments available by request

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