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Invest and rest with property management services in Scranton from Home365.

Scranton Property Management: What We Offer

Property management in Scranton PA offers custom pricing to ensure property owners and landlords receive the services they need at a cost-effective rate. We base your pricing on over 40 criteria, tailoring a plan that perfectly fits your Scranton property and investment goals.

Keeping your property safe is essential. We use our state-of-the-art preventative inspection system to conduct property inspections regularly, helping us detect maintenance issues before they become more prominent so we can take action as soon as possible.

Collecting rent every month is no longer a worry with OnDemand. Our system includes a tenant portal where tenants can easily submit their monthly payments. All the money pools to your owner account, where you can track your tenants' rent.

Our team in Scranton handles your property maintenance so that you don't have to worry. Whenever we receive a maintenance request, we find local vendors and schedule appointments to fix the issue immediately.

When there are vacancies you're looking to fill at your property, you can trust us to screen tenants to confirm they are suitable for your property. We do background, credit and rental history checks to ensure prospective tenants are reliable and fit for your rental.

Property management in Scranton PA with Home365 includes tenant management. Our team helps them during move-in and throughout their lease. They can rely on us to assist them with any concerns or maintenance issues.

OnDemand gives you access to your property's reports for finances, maintenance and tenant records in one central dashboard. You'll have all your property's information at your fingertips whenever you want to look.

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Home365 is the perfect solution for your Scranton property management needs.

Why Choose Home365 for Property Management in Scranton, PA?

Our OnDemand plan provides owners and landlords with access to an online platform that tracks all the things related to the property, such as finances and maintenance.

We help you get paid every month, every year. Our OneRate plan ensures you receive payment no matter what.

Work with experts in the Scranton area to maintain your property. Our local professionals use their knowledge to provide experienced services for tenants in the city.
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Total housing units

An affordable market, housing units are likely to increase

$140 k

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Median house value

The median home price is currently around $140,000. It was less than $100,000 as recently as 2021


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Rental percentage

More than half of Scranton residents rent over owning

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Your property management in Scranton PA deserves the best, and Home365 provides it. Partner with us to enhance your management system. Learn more about how we can provide quality property management services for your Scranton property when you contact us and request a quote today.

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1424 Jefferson Ave, Dunmore PA 18512

Open Monday–Friday 9am to 5pm

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