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Profitable Property Management in Las Vegas (Without the Hassle)

If you’re looking for affordable property management in Las Vegas, you can rely upon Home356. Thanks to our scale and the technology we include in our services, we keep operational costs low. Our property management company in Las Vegas means big savings for all our investors and property owners.


The fees at Home365 are considerably lower than other providers of property management in Las Vegas, NV making it easier than ever for you to profit from your property. Investors of all sizes are welcome to take advantage of our property management in Las Vegas. It’s rare that the rental properties we manage are left vacant for any significant amount of time.


Home365 provides property management in Las Vegas, as well as its surrounding areas. Get in touch with our property managers in Las Vegas today to learn more about our innovative property management services. Property managers in Las Vegas can also boost the performance of your properties with our disruptive Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee.

Full-Service Property Management in Last Vegas, NV

Property owners in Las Vegas can get all the services they need from Home365 to see their investment properties thrive — and bring in a profit. Here is exactly what we have to offer as part of our property management in Las Vegas:

Step 1 of Property Management in Last Vegas:

We’ll evaluate your property and give you an accurate rental rate.

Home365 employs licensed agents and brokers to evaluate your Las Vegas investment property. Our property managers in Las Vegas start by conducting an analysis of the asset in question, which we use to find an accurate rental rate. This analysis can also uncover a tenant profile. As leaders of property management in Las Vegas, we’re not just relying upon publicly available data to perform our analyses. Instead, we tap into several data sources that aren’t accessible by the public. This allows the property management team at Home365 to truly optimize your deal.

Step 2 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll screen tenants and make a customized selection

For us to be the top suppliers of property management in Las Vegas, we understand the importance of selecting the right tenant for your investment property. We take this step of the property management process very seriously and are dedicated to finding the best possible pick for your property. Home365 doesn’t limit our screening to a quick credit score check; we take it further. Property management in Las Vegas is at its best when providers perform thorough background checks of potential tenants, handling reference calls and speaking with prior landlords. At Home365, we take all these key steps for each prospective client. We also put each potential tenant through a proprietary screening/underwriting process.

Step 3 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll create the rental listing and handle advertising

Successful property management in Las Vegas needs a strong advertising strategy to back up any services. If prospective tenants don’t know that your investment property is an option, then how are they going to apply to rent? Successful property management in Las Vegas should be providing you with tenants. At Home365, we believe that advertisements should be far more than a quick write-up and description of the property. We take high-quality photos and videos of each property we work on. We’ll use these photos and videos to professionally market your property, exposing it to as many potential tenants as possible. Our strategy is so effective that most of our leases are filled within just 14 days (although this can vary, depending on the season). We’re the most efficient providers of property management in Las Vegas.

Step 4 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll take care of the tenant move-in process

Once we’ve selected the ideal tenant for your investment property, Home365 is ready to move onto the logical next step: move-in day. We will even provide tenants with a customized Welcome Kit containing important information about the property. Home365 will then perform a thorough move-in inspection of the property and have all this information conveniently relayed to you. To make property management in Las Vegas more efficient than ever, each of our clients is given access to their own Portal. This is where you can find the results of the move-in inspection quickly and easily.

Step 5 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll stay on top of rent collection and provide superior tenant management

One of Home365’s more important philosophies is this: Tenants are so much more than just the investor’s source of income. When you work with a tenant, they become your own client. So, they should be treated like favored customers, rather than just a way for you to bring in a profit. Home365 handles all our property management in Las Vegas with this in mind. Home365 incentivizes tenants to build positive habits, including one-time reporting of maintenance concerns, on-time rental payments, and ensuring that the property can pass all inspections with flying colors. Home365 helps tenants treat your asset well. If your current property management in Las Vegas isn’t supplying this level of attention to detail, then it may be time to rethink who you’re working with. We’ll provide a variety of perks to tenants who successfully uphold these behaviors. Whenever a tenant fails to perform their responsibilities as a resident of your property, this will be addressed. However, even when a tenant breaches their contract, we will continue to treat them with honor and respect. That’s just how we do property management in Las Vegas. Although it’s rare that the tenants of our properties will need to be evicted, whenever this does become a necessity, we’ll take care of it for the investor. Still, we try our best to avoid this whenever possible.

Step 6 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll manage financials and reporting

If our clients’ money isn’t being treated with care, then they aren’t going to see the point of hiring property management in Las Vegas. So, Home365 professionally manages all the finances associated with your property. We even make this information conveniently available to each of our clients through their individual Portal. You’ll be able to quickly and easily find information such as balance, income, and expenses, allowing you to stay on top of your property management in Las Vegas. Once a rent payment has been made by a tenant, you’ll see that money make its way into your bank account within just three days. We never leave you hanging with your money in limbo. Additionally, if there are any repairs or maintenance requests currently in progress, you’ll see this information on a live dashboard.

Step 7 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll organize and keep track of maintenance requests, repairs, and remodeling projects

Home365 realizes that dealing with maintenance and repair requests can be stressful. So, we’ve crafted our very own, heavily automated process. Tenants of our properties can report any of these issues through our convenient apps, creating the most efficient system of property management in Las Vegas, NV. We even provide video reports to our clients, making sure you’re always aware of what’s going on with the property. We won’t leave you in the dark about repairs or remodeling projects, should they occur. Should these services ever be necessary, our system will dispatch only the best, most highly rated services providers in the Las Vegas area. We want to ensure that the job is done well and with maximum efficiency. Not only that but each service professional that we hire is rated by the property’s tenant. Over thirty data points are accounted for to measure the quality of the professional’s service and pricing, compared to others in the area. If they don’t meet our minimum rating, then they’re automatically disqualified from working with our property management in Las Vegas. You’ll be able to personally approve the quotes generated for each maintenance job. If there’s not enough money currently in your account, then no problem -- you can just handle the payment through our app without any additional hassle. Home365 will never mark up the cost of repairs, nor will we take a commission for repairs associated with property management in Las Vegas. Repair data is accessible by our clients in real-time, including any phone calls, chats, and video calls, whether they’re with the service provider or your tenant.

Step 8 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll ensure that tenant turnover runs smoothly and efficiently

The move-out process at Home365 is just as detailed as our move-in process. Moving clients out of a property is an essential aspect of property management in Las Vegas, and we don’t treat it lightly. To start, we will perform a thorough move-out inspection of the property. The tenant’s security deposit can then be dispositioned to cover the cost of any issues or damages that are discovered. All in all, the turnover process is quick and cost-efficient. You’ll hardly need to wait any time at all before the property can be rented out to your next tenant. Whether there’s a need for cleaning, painting, and/or repairing, we won’t hesitate to get the job done. We’ll let you know exactly what we believe should be done to bring the property back to top condition, and then you can approve this decision. If we believe that certain items or appliances could be upgraded to achieve a better rent, then we’ll let you know about this, as well.

Step 9 of Property Management in Las Vegas:

We’ll provide the top support services of any property management company in Las Vegas

Home365 never allows the quality of our support service to waver -- because without strong support to back us up, our clients aren’t going to be receiving the best possible experience of property management in Las Vegas. For more information about property management in Las Vegas, you can reach out to Home365 or look at our FAQs.


Meet Ron Nir

Chief Broker & General Manager
Home365 Las Vegas

Ron is an experienced real estate agent and a broker. He has been in real estate services since 2011 and has managed more 300 units as a property manager. Ron was the founder member of Pangea Realty before it was acquired by Home365. Ron has completed transactions worth millions of dollars as a licensed realtor over the past 8 years. When not on the job, Ron enjoys camping with his family at Lake Meade. 


Property Management Company in Las Vegas, NV

Home365 wants property management in Las Vegas to be done right, and that’s why we offer our unique and innovative services to local investors. We even utilize a preventative sensory system and artificial intelligence to perform property management in Las Vegas. On top of that, we have our strong team of property managers in Las Vegas, making sure everything stays on track.

Our property managers in Las Vegas will use our resources to keep the property in its best possible shape for your current tenants, as well as any tenants that find their way onto the property.


Best Property Management in Las Vegas, NV


Interested in Home365’s Ultimate Coverage plan for property management in Las Vegas? Our property managers in Las Vegas allow our clients to receive a consistent payout each month, whether there’s currently a tenant living on the property. We’re a property management company in Las Vegas you can trust.


Thanks to Home365, the standard for property management in Las Vegas is higher than ever before, and we’re proud to set the bar. We provide property managers in Las Vegas with a true “invest & rest” business model. That’s our guarantee to each of our clients in the Las Vegas, NV region.


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