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Making real estate investing passive and predictable

Las Vegas Property Management: How it works

We take into account over 40 data points, including your property's age, location, and size, to personalize our pricing, providing you with an affordable Las Vegas property management plan that is tailored to your property.

Upon completion of the routine inspection and approval of your property management plan, coverage will begin 60 days later. If any major preconditions are found, our team will contact you to provide detailed information and discuss the appropriate course of action.

After conducting a comprehensive check of credit, background, and rental history, we identify the most suitable tenants for your property. Your tenants can use our communication portal to resolve any issues that may arise after they are placed in your property.

We have a comprehensive management plan for your Nevada property that includes covering all operating expenses, such as standard repairs, proactive maintenance, turnover services, and other appropriate action needed to maintain your property in excellent condition.

By utilizing advanced technology, we have developed a preventive inspection system that enables us to identify maintenance issues at your property and resolve them promptly before they escalate into significant problems.

Our OneRate plan guarantees rent stability for your property throughout the year, covering 12 months of full rent. If your property is vacant, we take on the responsibility, giving you peace of mind that your rental income is secured.

You can stay updated and informed about your investments with our 24/7 accessible live dashboard, which provides you with access to all records and work related to your investments. Our web portal ensures you remain in the loop and informed at all times.

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Las Vegas Property Management: Local knowledge

What makes Las Vegas, NV attractive for real estate investment?

The average rent in Las Vegas has increased consistently in 2022 with a Q4 increase of .85%,

Las Vegas’ population is increasing year over year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Rental interest in single family homes in Las Vegas is heating up and only growing.

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Total housing units

With a growing population, housing units will also need to increase

$380 k

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Median house value

Higher house values allow for higher rent


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Rental percentage

Almost half of Las Vegas residents rent over owning, making Home365 a high need out of the property management companies in Las Vegas.

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Your local Las Vegas property management experts

Our team of expert property managers in Las Vegas is committed to providing top quality services that exceed expectations. Our property management company in Las Vegas, NV believes in putting integrity and ethical standards first while ensuring we meet your high level of expectations.

Where to find us

Home365 Las Vegas

Main office phone: (800) 837-0037
3080 S Durango Dr. Suite 205 Las Vegas, NV 89117

Open Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

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Come join us monthly at the local Las Vegas Real Estate Hackers Meetup. RSVP here, it’s free!.

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