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Harrisburg Property Management: How it works

We analyze over 40 criteria such as property age, size, and location to bring you the most affordable plan.

Following a routine inspection, coverage begins 60 days after your Harrisburg property management plan approval. If any major preconditions are found, we will reach out to work out the details.

We find the most suitable tenants for your property and carry out full credit, background, and rental history checks. Once placed, tenants can report issues through our portal, guaranteeing attention and accountability.

We keep your property in top shape. Our comprehensive management coverage includes operating expenses such as routine repairs, proactive maintenance, turnover services, and more.

Our state-of-the-art preventative inspection system detects any maintenance issues at your rental property so we can fix them before they become major problems.

Our OneRate plan includes rent stability – if your property sits vacant, it’s on us. We ensure you receive 12 months of full rent, every year. No matter what.

All work is recorded and visible on your live dashboard: check on your property’s condition, history, and projects on our online portal.

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Harrisburg Property Management: Local knowledge

What makes Harrisburg, PA attractive for real estate investment?

The area is home to a large government base, including the federal government and the state itself, and features several manufacturers as well. Hershey is located here, as well as hospitals and resorts. Because it is based in the center of a metro area and offers lots of amenities, it is a desirable place to live.

Notice of eviction for breaking terms of the lease range from 30 to 90 days depending on the lease terms, but this is much faster than the process in neighboring states like New Jersey or New York. Pennsylvania is notable for being landlord-friendly in a part of the country known for tenant’s rights.

The median home price in the Harrisburg housing market is roughly 180,000 dollars. Real estate in downtown Harrisburg is much cheaper than the suburbs. The Harrisburg PA real estate market is rapidly appreciating – homes that cost 170,000 dollars in 2015 cost roughly 190,000 dollars now.

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Total housing units

As a growing metro area, housing units will need to increase

$180 k

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Median house value

The median home price in the Harrisburg housing market is roughly 180,000 dollars. Real estate in downtown Harrisburg is much cheaper than the suburbs


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Rental percentage

More than half of Harrisburg residents rent over owning

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Your local Harrisburg property management experts

Our team of property managers in Harrisburg is committed to providing top quality services that exceed expectations. Our property management company in Harrisburg believes in putting integrity and ethical standards first while ensuring we meet your high level of expectations.

Where to find us

Main office phone: (800) 837-0037
2601 N Front St. Harrisburg, PA, 17110

In person appointments available by request

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Come join us monthly at the local Harrisburg Real Estate Hackers Meetup. RSVP here, it’s free!.

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