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Property investment is easier with our expert Harrisburg property management services.

Harrisburg Property Management: What We Offer

We must consider several factors when calculating the ideal rental rate for your property. Our Harrisburg property professionals evaluate the local market and more to determine the best rate for your investment.

We source trustworthy tenants for your property by adhering to strict tenant screening policies. Our screening process checks the prospect's credit, criminal record, rental history, and more.

We have a handy preventative maintenance inspection system in place for monitoring and detecting potential maintenance problems early. This feature safeguards your property against costly damages and repairs.

Tenants have access to the Home365 tenant portal, allowing them to communicate with our team and report issues easily. When we receive a maintenance request, we act quickly to resolve the issue.

We make the property occupation process convenient by helping your tenant move in, including overseeing the pre-occupation walkthrough and inspection and handing over the keys. You won't have to lift a finger.

Our team promotes your property listing on all the prominent industry platforms at no extra cost, including creating and managing the ads. We'll also field incoming calls and meet with prospective tenants.

Property management in Harrisburg, PA simplifies rent collection with our Home365 tenant portal. Tenants can easily use the portal to pay their rent or contact customer support at any time.

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These are just some of the reasons you should opt for Home365 for your Harrisburg property management needs:

Why Choose Home365 for Property Management in Harrisburg?

If you’re a OneRate plan member, we guarantee you’ll receive your total rental payments for all 12 months without question, giving you a reliable, steady income.

As a OneRate plan member, you have the advantage of comprehensive insurance covering operational costs, repairs, maintenance, and more, eliminating the need for additional expenses.

The Home365 portal also extends to the owner, providing a user-friendly owner dashboard with up-to-the-minute access to reports, financials, and everything else related to your property, leaving you in control.

Home365’s Property management in Harrisburg PA offers a team with extensive knowledge of the local market. Our experienced team in Pennsylvania’s capitol knows the Harrisburg property market inside out, priming your property for success within its growing renter’s market.


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Total housing units

As a growing metro area, housing units will need to increase

$180 k

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Median house value

The median home price in the Harrisburg housing market is roughly 180,000 dollars. Real estate in downtown Harrisburg is much cheaper than the suburbs


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Rental percentage

More than half of Harrisburg residents rent over owning

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Contact Home365 for Property Management in Harrisburg, PA

Whether you've invested in the up-and-coming Harrisburg downtown area or secured property in the sought-after suburbs, benefit from Property management in Harrisburg PA with Home365. Our world-class team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your investment reaps the rewards you desire. Reach out to Home365 today for a custom property management quotation!

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