The Home365 Owner Portal

Your Free, All-in-One Tool for Streamlined and Transparent Property Management Software

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Tired of the endless paperwork and juggling multiple platforms?
Say goodbye to the hassle.

The Owner Portal is our property management software that gives you back your time and peace of mind.
Everything you need to manage your single family rentals is right here, organized and accessible, so you can focus on what truly matters. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Portal Features

Income chart

Online Payments

Collect rent effortlessly online, no checks required. Tenants enjoy multiple payment options and can even set up Autopay for worry-free, on-time payments. View your transaction history and access your funds anytime, anywhere for ultimate financial control.

Financial Reports

Get a crystal-clear view of your property's financial performance with detailed reports on income, expenses, and profitability. Enjoy complete transparency thanks to your property management software, with every detail clearly outlined - from repair work costs to management fees. Our reports provide a comprehensive overview of your investment, making tax time a breeze and empowering you to make informed decisions for your portfolio.

Financial reports

Maintenance Tracking

Take control of property maintenance with ease. Track every job, from initial request to completion, and monitor costs in real-time. Upload photos and videos of issues directly to the portal for efficient communication with your property manager. Stay informed every step of the way by viewing before/after photos and videos uploaded by vendors, ensuring transparency and peace of mind with every repair.

Live Property Dashboard

The Live Property Dashboard provides instant insights into your property's performance, with live updates on income, expenses, occupancy, and more. View detailed breakdowns for each property or an overview of your entire portfolio, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions and manage your investments efficiently.

Live property dashboard

Support Center

Get the support you need, when you need it. Reach out via Zoom for personalized assistance, submit a ticket for efficient tracking and resolution, or browse our extensive FAQ library for quick answers to common questions. In case of emergencies, we also offer a dedicated phone line for immediate support. Easily track the status of your open tickets or review past inquiries for reference, ensuring a seamless and convenient support experience.

What owners say

"Love the Portal! Online payments are a game-changer. So easy to use."



"Managing maintenance across multiple properties has never been easier. The Owner Portal keeps everything organized."



"The dashboard is my favorite! I get a snapshot of all my properties' performance in seconds."



What makes Home365 a good partner for you?

The Home365 Owner Portal is our property management software that provides a centralized platform for financial tracking, maintenance management, and communication with your dedicated property manager.

It's completely free! The Owner Portal is included as part of your Home365 property management service, at no extra charge. Whether you choose our basic or extensive coverage option, you'll have full access to the portal's features and benefits.

There is no limit! You can manage as many properties as you like using the Home365 Owner Portal. Our property management software is designed to scale with your portfolio, so whether you have one property or one hundred, the portal will make managing them all a breeze.

Your data is protected by encryption, strict access controls, regular backups, and ongoing security audits.

Absolutely! The Home365 Owner Portal allows you to track income, expenses, and profitability for each property individually, providing a clear and detailed overview of your financial performance on a per-property basis.

Tenants pay rent securely online, with funds collected and managed by Home365, and you can easily withdraw your available balance.

Our property management software consolidates all financial elements like repairs, rent, and fees into a single dashboard, helping you efficiently manage and scale your portfolio.