Home365 is a Hybrid InsureTech and Property Management company that leverages data, AI, and workflow automation to offer a personalized, all-inclusive management service that guarantees the Net Operating Income (NOI) of rental properties. We are changing how a Property Management company can operate by implementing a true Invest and Rest strategy for real estate owners. Why worry about managing the day to day tasks of property management when you can have a company do it for you? This is especially important for those who are looking to expand their portfolio quickly.

Home365 is a property management company that helps property owners save up to 50% in management costs by predicting various incidents of “wear and tear” maintenance incidents and vacancies for a flat monthly rate tailored to each property. Our trailblazing management service includes full insurance-like protection coverage for operating expenses (such as maintenance, repairs, and turnover services) and ensures steady income with a rent guarantee.

We are currently operating in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois and Arizona.


As a growing Property Management company, we cannot wait to bring our new and innovative systems all across the country. We know we are going to change the game for a lot of people once they realize how powerful the right property management company can be. 

HQed in San Jose, CA, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Home365 is backed by top Israeli VC, Verizon Ventures.

Meet our leadership team

Daniel Shaked

Founder & CEO

"I believe that if you are going to do something you should try to be the best."

Nate Jones

Chief Operating Officer

"Always an Adventure."

Chad Gallagher

Chief Investments
and Growth Officer

"There is no dress rehearsal for life - follow your passion and give it your all."

Ian Solomon

Chief Financial Officer

"Our company's secret ingredient - employees that align with the company vision and the mission to not see failure as an option - the sky is not the limit, it is where we aim for."

Dvir Milo


"My Motto in Life is bringing Passion, Energy, and Enthusiasm to everything I do, especially in creating an amazing company culture for our employees."

Jess Barreda

Chief People Officer

"Leadership is a never ending journey of self-awareness."

Alexander Boothroyd

SVP of Customer Success

"I love building products that change people's lives."

Kamal Khubani

SVP of Product

"Be a winner. Stand for something. Always have class, and practice humility."

Raj Patel

VP of M&A / Partnerships

"When you follow your passion, work hard, and stay focused on helping others, success is sure to follow."

Natalie Greiner

VP Integration & Training

"The Storm that was sent to break you; is the storm that God uses to make you."

Sheldon Zimmerman

VP of Real Estate Marketplace and Sales

"Strive for greatness with everything you do."

Chris Budelli

VP of Partnerships

"Everyone has two lives, and the second begins when they realize they have just one."

Luis Santiago

VP Growth & Development

"Life is Business, and Business is Life. By intertwining the two, you will never work a day in your life."

Umair Kabani

VP Business Development

"Always enjoy what I do, work with people, engage in their lives, and contribute to the growth of those around me and myself."

Eran Vachnish

VP of International Sales

"Always see the glass half full."

Aviv Shani

VP of Operations

"Keep it Simple."

Ron Nir

VP of PM Operations

״The grass is greener where you water it.״

Michael Feretti

Director of Maintenance Marketplace

"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of others - if people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish."

Richard Bennett

Director of Finance

"The more you know, the more you grow."

Kyrsten Templeton

National Training Manager

If it doesn't Challenge you, it won't Change you! and The best view comes after the hardest climb!

Ronita Oto

Assistant Controller

Property Management Company Reinvented

This is how it works, the tenant has access to the app which allows them to make payments and hire contractors without any hassle. An old school property management company would require written checks and would have to coordinate schedules with owners, contractors, and tenants all at once. This is a terrible way to conduct business as a property management company.

That’s why our innovative property management app is changing how property managers operate. Tenants no longer have to bear the burden of having to wait for multiple scheduling pieces to come together. Instead, they have the power to get things done on their own without having to get approval from the owner or property manager. 

For example, if a leak occurs, they can immediately use their app to access an approved contractor from out network. The contractor schedules their appointment with the tenant and gets to work. The cost of repair is billed to the owner for  approval. This method will change how a typically old school property management company operates. 

For owners, this is an amazing opportunity to continue investing in their portfolio. Imagine being able to invest in properties and not have to worry about the day to day management. Not only that, but you are also guaranteed a monthly income even if no tenants are in the building!

Think about how easy investing in real estate becomes once the property management element is taken care of. Now owners can focus on finding the best properties out there that will increase in value over time. This is ultimately the main goal of the property investor, spending time researching to find the best deal possible. 

A property management company is supposed to make investing in real estate as easy as possible for owners. We are also supposed to make renting as easy as possible for the tenant. We feel that we have achieved the best of both worlds by offering innovative solutions to the usually outdated business model traditional property management companies use. There’s no reason to waste time and money with systems that are no longer relevant. This is why we encourage all property owners to give Home365 try.

In response to the rental market’s growing affordability crisis, a handful of local governments

are considering stricter regulations. Oregon and New York City have passed rent stabilization

measures to prevent unsustainable rent increases, and several Californian cities have considered doing the same. Accomplish this by searching property managers near me 

However, many share concerns that these laws will make it hard for rental owners and property managers to maintain their properties’ profitability and justify capital improvement projects while failing to directly address the need for more low-income and workforce housing. Unfortunately searching for property managers near me doesn’t always work. In addition, Minneapolis became the first city to pass a citywide ban on single-family zoning. 

One of the most proposed common solutions when dealing with housing shortages in high-density cities is simply to build more homes, which increases demand for property managers. This may lead to more availability but the cost of those new homes will still be too high to solve the problem.

All of the above does not even take into account the rapid introduction of new laws regarding the COVID19 outbreak. We are long from being out of the woods when it comes to how the virus will affect the housing market and property managers. Remember to search property managers near me. 

“So this guy gets evicted for non-payment. But instead of trashing the place as most people do, he cut off chunks of drywall, put dead fish in the walls, and sealed them back up.

The new tenants couldn’t figure out the smell for weeks. They got the place professionally cleaned a few times, searched endlessly. Eventually, they figured something must have died in the walls, and figured out what had happened.”

Situations like this can cause numerous headaches and pain in the pocket. People are unpredictable and can act irrationally, but there’s no reason why you should have to deal with it and not your property managers. 

Part of what we do is screen tenants to make sure they are a good fit for the unit. Often, property managers near me can just get anybody they can to move into the apartment without doing too much research and maybe they haven’t searched property managers near me. 

We don’t do this simply because we understand the value of a good tenant. A good tenant can be a partner for a lifetime which is the best situation for everybody involved. We take on a lot of risk on behalf of the landlord so it’s in our best interest to make sure we are getting the best tenant every single time we have a vacancy. When looking for a property manager, search for property managers near me.