Making life better for investors and tenants

Whether you're investing or renting, we use the power of technology to make your dreams a reality.

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Our approach

Home365 provides real estate investors with a predictable, stress-free income and tenants with a comfortable, hassle-free home.

Making life easy

We combine local knowledge and a personal touch with cutting-edge technology to make investing in, managing and renting property easy for all. We identify real estate investments of the greatest value nationwide and forecast potential risks so we can underwrite them.

The personal touch

But our technology would be nothing without the people behind it. It is the people at Home365 who care about your hopes, dreams and beliefs - who make investing and renting with Home365 a personal, human and tailored experience.

Our local approach

Having grown from a small boutique real estate agency, we’ve made it our mantra to retain that local approach to everything we do. We don’t let technology replace our human touch - we use technology to enable our team to help people achieve their goals.

Peace of mind

By maximizing opportunity, minimizing risk and maintaining our personal approach, we can give investors complete peace of mind that their future is in good hands and their tenants are well looked after.

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Our state-of-the-art technology has helped thousands of customers build their real estate portfolios and grow their wealth.

It also ensures we can deliver a seamless, personalized service from day one. Investors can log into their online dashboards at any time to check on their properties, while tenants can use it to report any issues they need sorting. Wherever you are, we have a team ready to act quickly to meet your needs.

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This combination of artificial intelligence and personal touch offers investors and tenants a life-changing experience built on reliability and accessibility.

Meet the people here for you

Daniel Shaked


Founder & CEO

Ian smiling for headshot

Ian Solomon


Chief Financial Officer

Zvika Shachar


Chief Operating Officer

Dvir smiling in white button up

Dvir Milo



Brooke smiling with grey background

Brooke Hannaford Filary


Chief People Officer

Man in blue shirt smiling

Ron Nir


VP of Customer Success

Chris smiling in suit

Chris Budelli


VP of Partnerships

Natalie smiling for headshot

Natalie Greiner


VP of Special Operations

Aviv smiling outside

Aviv Shani


VP of Property Management Operations

Man smiling wearing grey polo

Ori Spigelman


Head of Product

Professional Chicago property managers sitting during a meeting

The Home365 team is passionate about making real estate investment accessible to all. We know it can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow your portfolio, we've helped thousands of people find the confidence they need to make the right investment choices.

We're already operating in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona. We're growing fast and cannot wait to bring our game-changing system across the country.

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We believe every customer deserves to spend their time on what matters most, free from the traditional stresses of property management and confident their tenants are being well looked after. It's what gets us up in the morning.

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