Property owners pay one flat monthly rate, which includes rental listing, rent guarantee, tenant management, and maintenance. This rate is calculated by considering all these parameters such as geography, climate, age of the property, last renovation date, size, history, and type.

Nope, nada, zilch! Ultimate Coverge is all about flat rate pricing model. Based on your property we will charge one flat rate that will include everything.

  • Weekly / Biweekly lawncare and landscaping such as mowing, mulching, leaf-blowing, trimming, edging, weed control and pruning though not part of the OneRate plan can be provided as add on services for extra fees.
  • Infrastructural fixes or changes
  • Home improvement/upgrade projects (over a local area fix – 5%)

  • Corrections of improper or unauthorized prior installations
  • Any project requiring permits
  • Corrections of building code violations
  • Removals, hauling or dumping (and associated fees)
  • Tree services
  • Repair when equipment not stored/used as designed (for e.g. refrigerator in a garage)

If you have any additional requests that are not part of this list, just let us know and we can take care of it.

We charge a nominal fee of 5% of the property price in the event of selling or buying of property via Home365. You save up to 20% more when compared to listing outside Home365!

  • Damages inflicted by people or natural forces (water damage, winds, rodents, roots, termites, terrain shift, mold, yard drainage, etc)
  • Mobile appliances or personal items (i.e. bikes, mobile heaters, fans, phones, game consoles, watches, jewelry etc.)


There is none! Our all-inclusive pricing is designed to eliminate unexpected expenses and guarantee higher, more reliable profits for clients.

Our all-inclusive management fee covers the full cost of property management such as

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Tenant turnover
  • Tenant management
  • System monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Rent guarantee


For more detailed information, please view Ultimate Coverage plan

Yes! The Ultimate Coverage plan includes repair and maintenance. Once your subscription is activated, we provide the following services to all surfaces and appliances in the unit with labor and materials included!

  • Repairs and maintenance of standard “wear and tear”
  • Repairs and replacement of appliances and systems
  • Routine inspections of HVAC filters, gutters, sprinklers, garage doors, smoke detectors, and more
  • Emergency services at Service Level Agreement
  • Home improvement discounts
  • Systems monitoring

We currently offer coverage in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco and are expanding service to New Jersey and New York within the year.

Nope! In fact if your rental sits vacant, it’s on us. We guarantee 12 months of full rent, every year. No matter what.

We do not currently service commercial properties.

There is no fine print. We lay out all terms and conditions in straightforward language, as seen on our website.

Generally, the OneRate Program covers routine repairs and maintenance of normal “Wear and Tear”. But the program does have some exclusions, here are the following.

  1. Repairs related to HOA compliance-related complaints that may have existed prior to the start date of our management.
  2. Damages resulting from an underlying basis of service request up to initial $1000 of the cost.
  3. Repairs attempted prior to our involvement by personnel not approved by Home365.
  4. Damage caused by events of Force Majeure ( unforeseeable circumstances).
  5. Any application of force to a surface, regardless of the source of the force, i.e., whether applied by a human, by rodent infestations, termites, by a root entering a floorboard, from improper yard drainage, damages to the building due to burglary or unauthorized trespassing, etc.
  6. Tenants personal items such as bikes, mobile heaters, fans, phones, game consoles, watches, jewelry, etc and many more.


Our preventative sensory system is installed throughout the property to monitor systems prone to failure in order to prevent property damage. Once alerted, we evaluate, address, and fix the issue.

All Pros undergo an extensive approval process that includes a credit check (covering financial legal issues) and a criminal background check.
Learn more about the criteria required to become a Pro.

Each Pro is monitored for quality of service and is assigned projects accordingly. We monitor every project and interaction in order to ensure an exceptional experience for our clients. We use this data to assess and rate our pros by dynamically aggregating over 40 different points

These are just some of the factors that we take into account:

  1. Message Response Time
  2. Project Completion Time
  3. Repeat Requests (For a Previously Fixed Problem)
  4. Quality of Service
  5. Client Ratings and Reviews
  6. Punctuality
  7. Reliability (Reschedules or “No Shows”)
  8. Courtesy and Attitude

The Pros who do not perform to our standards are disqualified from our network.

Our Pros are available to receive service requests on a 24/7 basis.

Appointments are scheduled on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, with the exception of national holidays.
For emergency service requests, the initial response is within six (6) hours during weekdays, and within twelve (12) hours over weekends and national holidays. Emergency service requests are service requests that require the prompt or immediate resolution of which is necessary for the building or apartment to be accessed or usable (e.g., entryway, plumbing, HVAC issues).

Yes. We can either export the info into your software or import info from your software.

You can find our app on the App Store and Google Play.

We are revolutionizing a dysfunctional industry in dire need of improvement. Home365 offers all-inclusive property management service that increases one’s average ROI, reduces stress, and eliminates hassle by removing investor involvement.


We provide an array of services that most traditional property management companies would not. Simply put– what we offer, they don’t. Learn more

For our Las Vegas tenants, you have until the 5th of the month to pay the rent, in accordance with NV law. After the 5th, a late fee is applied.

It differs for each unit. The listing will mention if pets are allowed.

If the listing does not mention there is installation in place, you will need to request permission to install a satellite dish.

No, subleasing is not allowed.

You can report maintenance issues with simple to shoot photos and videos, schedule service visits, pay rent, and more.

You can use the app to launch a project explaining the issue via video. Once we approve the project you will be contacted by a service professional via the app and you can schedule for him/her to come and fix the problem.

The quickest way to contact us is from the Home365 app and going to Menu > Help.

It depends on your lease. If the lease is month to month or if the lease is set to expire in 30 days, you can give a 30 days notice. If you are unsure about the terms of your lease, please contact us.