Owner Knowledge

Onboarding Questions

You will have a day-to-day local team that helps manage your property. This is the Customer Success team made up of a Director and Manager. However they are supported by other teams like Vacancy, Delinquency, and Maintenance Coordinators, and a back office department for bills and accounting.

With self-onboarding capabilities, the onboarding process can be done in a few days! You will provide necessary documents and information to Home365 through our online portal in order to start management whenever you please.

All the technical questions about your plan and its conditions can be found in the Property Management Agreement.

Portal Questions

Where can I get updates/how to access the owner portal? All owners have an online Owner Portal where all Statements and coinciding documents can be accessed. Your owner portal will have all of the real time information you could ever want. As long as you gave us a phone number during onboarding your portal is already set up. Directions for your Owner Portal is as follows: 1. Visit our website at 2. You will be prompted to enter your phone number 3. Then you’ll receive a 4 digit authentication code. This is texted and emailed to you. 4. If you have an issue logging in, please submit a ticket and we will get you assistance

Many general questions can be answered by our Customer Support team through a help ticket. You can either enter a ticket in your portal or visit the "Get Help" page on our website. For multiple questions or if you would like to speak to someone directly, you can book a meeting through the portal or call your Customer Success Team as well.

Property and Maintenance Questions

This is the same process as asking a question! Either you can enter a ticket. Or reach out to your Customer Success team.

When a maintenance request is initiated we will screen the legitimacy of the request. Next we assign the project to a vendor who will provide a quote. We review the quote and if it falls within our expected price range we will notify you via text for approval. You can approve, decline, or request more information right on your phone.

Home365 takes care of all covered maintenance work. You don’t need to be involved.

Home365 takes lead paint very seriously. Any contractor that may be disturbing lead paint is required to be certified by the EPA as a lead paint certified contractor. This is a national law that Home365 follows. Each lease sent out has the required Protect Your Family From Lead Pamphlet and lead disclosure included, which is also a national law. Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Lancaster Only: Additionally, some cities have a specific Lead ordinance that requires a lead paint certification. The certification is only required when the property: A) built before 1978, B) is not previously lead abated, C) has a new lease move-in The cost of certification is typically between $200 - $400 for the 3rd party to perform (depending on house size), but does have a guarantee to be done in less than 7 days. If the property does test positive, Home365 will work to resolve issues and get it re-tested prior to move-in. From beginning to end the process should take less than 14 days, unless there is a major rehab needed. Due to Fair Housing Laws, Home365 will not discriminate against applicants with children age 6 and under and will require resolutions to take place should a property test positive. Overall, lead paint is a serious issue and we do follow the law to protect the long-term interests of the owner.

The owner(or Home365) will call the utility company and have the mailing address changed. The bill will remain in the owner’s name. The mailing address should be changed to ℅ Home365, PO Box 5304, Lancaster PA, 17606. Then, all bills are processed by our billing department. We use AI technology to automate much of this process. Once a bill is paid you’ll see a corresponding charge on your owner statement.

Tenant Management Questions

Tenants can pay rent either online through the Home365’s tenant portal or mail the check or money order to the Home365 PO BOX (PO Box 5304, Lancaster, PA, 17606).

If rent is unpaid, a late fee will be charged on the 5th of the month, unless a current lease specifies otherwise. We also begin by sending the tenant a text, email and/or phone call reminder. Again, we will reach out again to try to make sure they understand they need to pay rent and make sure there aren’t any other issues. Our eviction policy is to formally start the eviction process if a tenant hasn’t paid rent by the 16th of the month. In some locations this means we need to post a notice sooner. The eviction process does include needing to attend a court hearing typically held a few weeks after filing the initial filing. Please understand the court requires filing fees be paid at time of filing and you may see these fees on your statement. At the hearing we will ask the judge to include the filing fees on the judgment making it the tenants responsibility to reimburse. The process following the court hearing varies from state to state. We do everything we can to expedite the process. In general it takes about 2 months to evict a tenant from the time we start the eviction process. Again, that can vary from state to state.

Yes, we automatically file for collections in-house on your behalf on any tenant who has a balance beyond their security deposit. If you ever get that money, you will see it come through as delayed rent on your statement. There is no charge for this service that Home365 provides. Please understand in order to place an account with collections we will need the tenants full name, date of birth, social security number and executed lease agreement.

The Home365 default rental increase is 2.5% for an annual renewal and a 10% increase if they opt to renew month to month. As the owner, you’ll be notified 90 days prior to the lease ending. You’ll have the chance at this time to adjust the increase to someone other than our defaults. You can make this change right in your owner portal. The tenant will be notified of the lease renewal about 60 days prior to the lease ending.If they choose not to renew we will start marketing the vacancy right away to limit your vacancy. If they renew the lease at an increased rent amount you will see a charge of $100 for this service.

Payments and Statement Questions

You can see your statement anytime you want by logging into your portal. Owner payments/distributions are sent to you on the 10th of every month (unless the 10th is a weekend or holiday and then it will be the next business day). Please realize it may take a couple days for this to get to you or for it to clear in your account. Timing is dependent on your bank to process for direct deposit, but is typically 1-3 business days.

Home365 charges three fees. A) We charge a Management Fee as a percentage of the rent we collect B) We charge a fee of the rent when a new tenant is placed as a Placement Fee. C) We charge a Lease Renewal Fee when we increase the rent each year

Home365 requires owners to keep a minimum account balance of $250. This helps ensure there is money in your account to pay for bills and repairs, especially important after the 10th of the month and before next month’s rent comes in. If the owner ever leaves Home365 for any reason, they will get this money back.

These types of payments are to be taken care of by the owner.