Property Management
In Atlanta

Profitable. Efficient. Predictable. Coverage.

Here at Home365, we are innovating on how property management is done in Atlanta and nearby neighborhoods. By using artificial intelligence, our preventative sensory system, and our team of local professionals, we ensure that your property is in the best shape possible for current and future tenants. Our Ultimate Coverage plan even allows you to get a consistent payout every month even if there’s no tenant in the building. We are truly changing the way property management is done by creating a true Invest and Rest business model for our owners.

Full-Service Management

Property evaluation and rental rate calculation

Our licensed agents and brokers will conduct a thorough analysis of your asset to determine the best possible rental price and tenant profile.
We are using various data sources that are not available for the public to tap into the most optimized deal for you.

Tenant screening and selection

This is critical. Choosing the right Tenant is an art. Credit scores are important but they are not everything. We conduct background checks, reference calls with past landlords as well as through our proprietary unique screening and underwriting process.

Rental listing and advertising

We will create the most beautiful and professional photos and videos of your property and will market it professionally. Our leases are filled in 14 days on average. (seasonality might impact both ways)

Tenant move in

We welcome our Residents with Welcome Kits explaining all the nuances about your property. This is when we will do a “Detailed Move inspection”. We will share it with you over your Portal.

Rent collection and Tenant Management

Tenants are not only a source of income (as old-school tends to see them). They are your clients and deserve to be treated as customers. We incentivize them for good behaviors such as on-time payments, one time reporting of maintenance issues, passing inspections at a high bar, and basically carrying for your asset. Those incentives can be redeemed for various perks. However, those who fail to comply with the contract will be professionally and honorably treated to cure the breach. In rare cases and upon need (we usually don’t get there)  we will take care of evicting.

Financials and reporting

This is the heart of it all. We manage your money in the most professional way so you can rest easy. Your portal is always accessible and shows your most current balance, incomes, and expenses. You will love the sound of ”cha-ching” when your money hits your bank account within 3 days of rent payment. Our live dashboards show you the status of repairs/maintenance and more.

Maintenance, repairs, and remodeling

This part is heavily automated with Tenants reporting the issues using our apps. There are video reports so you can always track and see what’s going on. Our system dispatches the best in class and highly rated Service Providers. Each job generates quotes for you to approve. Not enough money in your account? Pay through our App. Easy. Each pro is rated by your tenants as well as we dynamically measure over 30 data points of their service and pricing. Those who don’t meet our minimums – are disqualified. We want you to get the best service for the best price. Do we need to mention that we do not markup or take any commissions on that? All of the repairs data including chats, phone calls, and video conferences between your Tenants and pros are accessible to you in real-time.

Tenant turnover

Upon Tenant move out, we do a “Move out” inspection and disposition the "security deposit" to cover any damages and conduct a super fast and cost efficient turnover. We will take care of painting, cleaning, repairing whatever is needed so your can rent as fast as possible. We will present you with what we believe should be done for your approval. We might also offer you upgrades for certain items to get a better rent.


This is our core. Best support all the time. We are building the "Amazon of Property management. This means we are obsessed with our customers. Want to know more? We are happy to chat. Submit your question here or visit our FAQs section.

Meet David Barton

Chief Broker & General Manager
Home365 Atlanta

David was recently awarded Managing Broker of the Year, as well as served as President for the Metro South Association of REALTORS® (MSAR), and the Metro South Women’s Council of REALTORS®. 


David also served as the Vice President of Governmental Affairs, where his responsibilities include monitoring pending legislation or political actions that affect real estate and/or personal property rights and was appointed to a U.S. Congressman as their Federal Political Coordinator, for the National Association of REALTORS®. 


David also has served as a contracted employee for the County’s Housing Authority as the Programs Coordinator overseeing the Clayton County Foreclosure Resource Center. 
His depth of knowledge in Real Estate guided the Housing Authority to receive a National Award of Merit. 


He continues to serve as a community leader and has been recognized in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Who’s Who of Real Estate Professionals -100 Key People Shaping Atlanta’s Housing Industry 3 years in a row, being the only REALTOR® to hold such honors at that time.


David is a Certified Facilitator and has been a keynote speaker with regards to the status of the property values and current market conditions. Some of his speaking engagements included the National Archives, Clayton State University, local Chamber of Commerce, Metro Fair Housing, local Rotary Club, Kiwanis Clubs, various Home Owner Associations, Public Schools, and many other community events.


On a personal note, David is a United States Army veteran !!! and Patriot Guard Rider “Standing for those, who stood for us”.


David and his wife, Tammy (who was a huge part in this deal and in fact is a beating heart of that business), reside in Hampton and are the proud parents of their four children, Jordan, Justin, Blake, and Leila. 
Some of his accolades include the President’s award, REALTOR® of the year, and the J.L. Christian Award.

Property Management
In Atlanta

We’ve been hearing about a gap in the real estate market in Atlanta. It’s been reported by Property Management companies in Atlanta that there is a large section of the real estate market that hasn’t been tapped into yet. That’s why we’re excited to become a part of the Atlanta Property Management industry. The problem with the current property management in Atlanta, and why they aren’t addressing this issue, is because they already have their hands full with their current properties. They don’t have the proper integration with cutting edge technology that we do, that’s why we are the most innovative property management in Atlanta. Welcome to a new generation of Atlanta property management.


Property Managers in Atlanta


Atlanta property management needs a lot of help. There’s no reason to avoid property management in Atlanta, especially when we are changing how Atlanta property management is done. Owning a home as a source of income can be great but you don’t need it to take over your entire life, especially if you’re trying to grow and expand. As your portfolio increases, you can rely on innovative property management in Atlanta with companies like Home365 to take on all the day to day hassles that arise from renting out a property. We make property management in Atlanta the best possible and the most affordable Atlanta property management. Right now, we are changing Atlanta property management.


Innovative property management in Atlanta is severely lacking. Atlanta property management needs a boost from innovative companies like Home365. Many of the investors using a property management company in Atlanta are using old outdated technology to process their day to day work. This can lead to countless problems and even bigger headaches in the future with outdated property management in Atlanta. 


For example, let’s say there is a small maintenance issue in the home due to bad Atlanta property management and property managers in Atlanta. For whatever reason, the tenant, contractor, and owner are unable to get on the same page regarding when and how to resolve the issue. Over time, the problem gets bigger and bigger and before you know it you have a very angry tenant and a much larger repair bill than you expected, this is common with current practices of property management in Atlanta and property managers in Atlanta.


Atlanta property management is often outdated. Don’t get caught dealing with old, outdated property management in Atlanta techniques. We have designed our entire company to innovate and change the way property management is done from the bottom up. The technology we use allows the tenant to work directly with the contractor, sending us, or the owner, the bill for labor. This allows processes to happen quickly and easily by avoiding complicated scheduling issues which often happens with Atlanta property management.


Property managers in Atlanta are reluctant to improve their business model because it’s always been what “worked” for them. That’s not how we do business at Home365. We are doing everything we can to make our services as innovative as possible, leaving other property managers in Atlanta in the dust. So if you’re investing in the huge opportunity available, avoid the traditional property managers in Atlanta and give us a call. Don’t miss a great opportunity to get some of the best property management in Atlanta!


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