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Las Vegas

Eviction Laws in Las Vegas, Nevada


In Las Vegas, NV there are multiple reasons an eviction can proceed but a legal process must be followed. Las Vegas requires all evictions to start with a notice. There are several types of notices to choose from, like 7-day or 30-day, depending on the reason for eviction. Some evictions require a secondary notice to be served prior to eviction. Some notices require a tenant’s right clause to be printed on it. Notices are $55.00 or $75.00 each depending on where the property is located. Evictions in Las Vegas can take anywhere from 10 days to 180 days, depending on the circumstances. 

Court Involvement

At the expiration of the notice, excluding the date of service, weekends and holidays, the court will allow the owner to file a motion for summary eviction with the court of proper jurisdiction. Eviction Costs are between $250.00-$275.00 this includes court costs and Constable Mileage fees. Make sure to have a copy of the lease handy at this time. 

Is it important to note, the tenant may contest this filing and file an answer with the court within the time indicated on the notice. If this is the case a hearing will be set within 7-14 days. If there is no answer by the tenant the Court will sign the order and authorize the 24 hour lockout. A 24 hour notice is served to the tenant requiring the tenant to vacate the premises within 24 hours. If the notice is served on a Friday, the lockout would be on the next business day. 

Tenant Removal

After the 24 hour notice is served the Constable will return to the property and remove the tenants. All access doors to the property must have the locks changed at the time of lockout, so a locksmith will need to be present. 

Tenant Property Safeguard

When an eviction is complete, Nevada Revised Statute 118.460(1) requires the landlord to safeguard the former tenant’s property for thirty days. It does not need to remain in the unit, and may be inventoried, moved, and stored elsewhere. The landlord may also charge and collect reasonable and actual costs incurred for that inventory, moving, and storage prior to releasing the property to the former tenant.

Full Service Property Management with Home365

The process surrounding eviction can be confusing and time-consuming. Having a Las Vegas property management company oversee your rental property helps assure occupancy with high-quality tenants. Should the need for an eviction arise, a property management company can follow the process in compliance with state and local laws.

Home 365 offers a full suite of property management services that allow property owners to keep their dwellings at full occupancy without the stress that can come with the process. For more information about our process and tools, please contact us.


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