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Home365 provides real estate investors with a predictable, stress-free income and tenants with a comfortable, hassle-free home.

Our state-of-the-art technology has helped thousands of customers build their real estate portfolios and grow their wealth.

It also ensures we can deliver a seamless, personalized service from day one. Investors can log into their online dashboards at any time to check on their properties, while tenants can use it to report any issues they need sorting. Wherever you are, we have a team ready to act quickly to meet your needs.

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This combination of artificial intelligence and personal touch offers investors and tenants a life-changing experience built on reliability and accessibility.

Are you a turnkey operator, wholesaler, or real estate agent looking to get paid $500 on referral leads?

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We are a property management company that makes investing in real estate easy for all by delivering a predictable income and minimizing risk utilizing a combination of AI technology and the human touch.

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