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Profit With No-Hassle Property Management in Baltimore

Not only does Home365 provide the top quality of property management to Baltimore investors, but we’re also proud to be the most affordable option out there. Our operational costs are kept low thanks to our scale and the innovative technology we use, meaning that our clients save more money than with a competing property management company in Baltimore. Local investors rely upon Home365 for affordable and profitable property management in Baltimore.


Investors of any size can take advantage of Home365’s property management, Baltimore services. Whether you’re a large or small property owner searching for property management in Baltimore, we’ll manage your investment property and make sure that it is never left vacant for long.


The property management Baltimore services offered by Home365 are innovative and unique from our competitors. We even allow our clients to boost their properties’ performance using our Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee. Our property managers in Baltimore are available to help local investors make a substantial profit from their rental property.

Full-Service Property Management in Baltimore, MD

No matter which property management services that Baltimore investors are seeking out, it’s certain to be offered by Home365. As a full-service property management Baltimore company, we recognize that managing an investment property is a multidimensional process. That’s why our property managers in Baltimore offer the following services to help our clients make an impressive profit:

Part 1 of Property Management in Baltimore: Evaluating the Investment Property

Licensed agents and brokers will be sent out to your investment property to perform a thorough evaluation. Home365’s property managers in Baltimore are devoted to finding an accurate rental rate for your property, and an evaluation is an important step in doing so. The analysis these professionals perform is also used to develop your property’s own tenant profile. To ensure that our property management in Baltimore is as effective as it can be, we don’t analyze just publicly available data about your property. Instead, Home365’s team will take a close look at data that isn’t available to the public eye. This way, Home365 remains the only property management company in Baltimore that can truly optimize your deal.

Part 2 of Property Management in Baltimore: Screening Potential Tenants

It isn’t possible for property management in Baltimore to succeed if it’s not bringing in the right tenants for your investment property. Home365 goes out of our way to make sure we find the best possible tenant for each property we manage. Although it would be easy to perform a simple credit check before making our selection, Home365 doesn’t feel this is a good approach to property management in Baltimore. Instead, our team will get to work on an in-depth background check of each individual who’s interested in renting your property. Home365 will also be there to speak to the interested tenants’ prior landlords, as well as perform reference calls. We top off this procedure by performing a proprietary screening and underwriting routine on every potential tenant.

Part 3 of Property Management in Baltimore: Advertising and Creating a Rental Listing

If you’re choosing to work with property managers in Baltimore, you’re probably expecting them to find the right tenant for your investment property. However, if your property isn’t being noticed by those browsing the market, then the process of finding a tenant will be far more complicated than it needs to be. By developing an effective advertising strategy for your investment property, Home365’s property management, Baltimore gets your property noticed by the right audience. Property management in Baltimore is about so much more than writing up a brief description of your property and then using that as an advertisement. Property management is far more likely to succeed when high-quality photos and videos are taken of the property, to attract the attention of potential renters. At Home365, most leases are filled within just two weeks. We’re the most efficient providers of property management in Baltimore, guaranteed.

Part 4 of Property Management in Baltimore: Time for Move-In Day

When it’s time to move a new tenant into your Baltimore investment property, Home365 will help the transition run as smoothly as possible. To start move-in day off on the right foot, our property management company in Baltimore will provide each tenant with a Welcome Kit. This kit contains important information about the rental property. Additionally, Home365’s property managers in Baltimore will perform a move-in inspection of the property. This will help us have a clearer idea of the property’s state upon move-in. Any information that’s uncovered during the inspection will be available to clients through a convenient digital Portal.

Part 5 of Property Management in Baltimore: Tenant Management

The next step of property management in Baltimore involves tenant management throughout their entire stay at the property. After all, a tenant isn’t just a way for clients to make an income. Your tenant is a client of your own and should be treated with courtesy and respect. When Home365 performs property management in Baltimore, we incentivize tenants to build positive habits. Perks will be provided to any tenant who upholds positive behavior such as one-time maintenance issue reporting, paying rent on time, and keeping the property fit for all inspections. Sometimes, a tenant will breach their contract. When this occurs, as a part of our property management, Baltimore, Home365 will handle the issue on the client’s behalf. Even in these circumstances, the tenant will be treated with respect and honor as we work to resolve the problem. Ideally, Home365 tries our best to avoid eviction when we do property management in Baltimore. However, if evicting a tenant ever becomes necessary, we’ll handle this as well.

Part 6 of Property Management in Baltimore: Financials and Reporting

Home365 will always handle the finances of our clients with the utmost care — no exceptions. This is the least you can expect from superior property management in Baltimore. When a client accesses their individual Portal, they will have quick and easy access to any financial information associated with their investment property. Information such as balances, income, and expenses will all be visible through the client’s Portal. Once a tenant has made a rent payment, Home365’s property managers in Baltimore will ensure that you receive the payment within just three days. Our property management in Baltimore will never involve your money being left in limbo. Reporting information will also be accessible through a client’s Portal. So, if the tenant has recently submitted a maintenance or repair request, you’ll be able to view its status and other key information about the project.

Part 7 of Property Management in Baltimore: Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling

When a tenant submits a request for repairs or maintenance, Home365’s property management, Baltimore understands that this can be stressful for landlords. Fortunately, our property management company in Baltimore will handle the entire maintenance process. Home365’s process of dealing with maintenance or repair requests is highly automated, making it as efficient as it can be. If an issue ever arises, tenants of the investment property will be able to let us know through our convenient app. All of Home365’s clients will receive updates and video reports about any maintenance project that’s occurring. An essential component of property management in Baltimore involves keeping the client up to date about the state of their property, and Home365 is devoted to keeping you aware. Whenever service providers need to be dispatched to the property, Home365 works with the best in the area. These highly rated professionals can quickly and efficiently handle any repairs required by property management in Baltimore. The tenant will be able to rate the service professionals that Home365 sends to their property. For Home365 to assess the quality of a service provider, we’ll use more than thirty data points to rate their services and pricing. When one of these professionals falls short of our minimum rating, Home365’s property management, Baltimore will choose not to work with them. Our clients will receive quotes for maintenance or repair jobs, which they can then personally approve. In addition, when you hire property management in Baltimore, you shouldn’t expect them to markup repair costs or take a commission for these jobs — and Home365’s property management, Baltimore will do neither. Repair data is available to Home365’s clients in real-time, so you’ll stay informed and up to date.

Part 8 of Property Management in Baltimore: Unbeatable Tenant Turnover

The move-out process is just as important as move-in procedures, and Home365’s property management, Baltimore team treats both with equal seriousness. A critical part of move-out day when you’re working with property management in Baltimore is the inspection. Once the client has left, the Home365 property management, Baltimore team will carefully inspect your investment property. If any problems are discovered or if any repairs are needed, the tenant’s security deposit will be used to cover the costs. As a whole, the move-out process with Home365 is simple and cost-efficient. Turnover is also impressive, and your property won’t be left vacant for long before a new tenant is moving in. If your investment property needs to be cleaned, painted, or repaired, Home365 will take care of it when you come to us for property management in Baltimore. Whatever needs to be done to bring your investment property back into peak condition, Home365 will be there to tackle the job. Before any repairs or remodeling jobs are performed, we’ll make sure to receive our clients’ personal approval. If there are any appliances in your property that could be upgraded, Home365 will make you aware. When you work with property management in Baltimore, the team you hire should help you to maximize the rental value of your property.

Part 9 of Property Management in Baltimore: Support Services for Our Clients

Home365 wants property management in Baltimore to be easy and hassle-free for all of our clients. This has led us to develop the best support services of a property management company in Baltimore. If you’re interested in learning more about property management in Baltimore, or if you’d like more information about Home365’s services, consider visiting our FAQs.

Property Management Company in Baltimore, MD

What’s the point of property management in Baltimore if you aren’t receiving innovative and cost-effective services? Home365 provides all of this and more to local investors in the Baltimore, Maryland area. We utilize unique technology like a preventative sensory system and even artificial intelligence to handle property management in Baltimore. Our team is also made up of only the top property managers in Baltimore.

When you work with Home365 for property management in Baltimore, your investment property will remain in its best shape for both current and future renters.

Superior Property Management in Baltimore, MD

If you’re an investor in the Baltimore region, consider taking advantage of Home365’s Ultimate Coverage plan. When you work with us for property management Baltimore, you’ll receive a consistent monthly payout — even when your property is vacant.


With our “invest & rest” business model, Home365’s property management, Baltimore promises to provide Baltimore property investors with only the best property management services available.

Additional Investor Info
on Baltimore City

Alarm & Property Registration and Licensing


NEW: Rental Property Licensing

On August 1, 2018, a new law took effect requiring all Baltimore City rental properties, including one- and two-family and multi-family dwellings, to be licensed to operate as a rental by January 1, 2019.  In order to receive a license from the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) the property must meet two requirements: 1) be registered with DHCD using the online portal and 2) be inspected by a State Licensed, Baltimore City registered Home Inspector.



  1. If your MFD license is scheduled to expire in 2018 you are NOT required to get a third-party inspection. A Baltimore City inspector will conduct the inspection as scheduled.
  2. Any MFDs whose license(s) will expire AFTER December 31, 2018, must get a third-party inspection


Property Owners/Operators

The Baltimore City Code requires “whether occupied or vacant, whether it is producing revenue or not producing revenue, whether habitable or not habitable” shall file a registration statement with the Housing Commissioner. This must be done within 10 days of any transfer of the property and every January 1st thereafter.


Alarm Registration

The Baltimore City Code requires an alarm system contractor, monitor and user to register with the Police Commissioner annually. EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 26TH, 2012 there is no fee for users to register an alarm however, contractors and monitors must register and pay the appropriate fee.


Vacant Lot Registration

The Baltimore City Code requires that the owner of a vacant lot that is assessed for $100 or more must file a registration statement with the Housing Commissioner. At the time of acquisition, a new owner of a vacant lot must file a registration statement and pay any registration fees due. This must be done within 10 days of any transfer of the property and every year thereafter.


Here is what you need to know to get your property registered, licensed and inspected:

Investor Info for Baltimore County

Baltimore City and County Evictions:

You have to prove an eviction is just and right.  Here are some helpful documents you should have access to for every property you own as rental property:

  • Signed lease agreement
  • Copy of Notice to Cease
  • Copy of Notice to Quit
  • Bank statements
  • All correspondence between yourself and the tenant
  • Pictures of damage
  • Complaints from other tenants
  • Any other evidence that will support your motion to evict


If you do not come to court with the proper documentation that your tenant is deserving of eviction, even if they truly are, they may be allowed to stay in your property due to lack of evidence.


All Baltimore County buildings or portions of a building that contain one to six dwelling units intended or designed to be rented, leased, let, or hired out to be occupied for living purposes be registered and licensed with Baltimore County.

You must register and be licensed before a tenant moves into the property.

A person who owns and rents a dwelling unit or a portion of a dwelling unit without a license may be subject to the denial, suspension, revocation, or non-renewal of the license or civil penalties of $25 per day for each day a violation occurs and $200 per day for each day a correction notice is not complied with, and there will be a $1,000 fine for not complying with the Rental Registration Law.



You may register online, by mail, or in person.


Home Inspections

All rental properties must be inspected. The home inspector must be licensed by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations. A home inspection requires the Baltimore County license inspection sheet to be completed and signed by a licensed inspector for the compliance of one or more of the components of an existing residential building with the health and safety requirements established by the Director. Cost is determined by the home inspector, not by the government.


Inspectors look for the following

  • Smoke detectors

  • Carbon Monoxide alarms are installed in the common area outside of sleeping areas and on every level of the dwelling unit

  • Electrical system has no apparent visual hazards

  • All plumbing is functional with no apparent visual hazards

  • All windows designed to be opened are operational

  • All combustion appliances (furnace, hot water heater, dryer, etc.) are properly vented

  • Secondary means of escape from sleeping areas exist with no exterior health or safety hazards


If the inspector is licensed, or accredited with the state to perform both lead and home inspections.


If you got a Section 8 inspection, you do NOT also need a separate Baltimore County inspection. You just need to provide that inspection certificate that was completed in the last 12 months and the rental housing application.


The rental license is valid for three years and will expire on the third anniversary of its effective date. Before a license expires, the licensee may periodically renew it for an additional three-year term. For additional information, call the Rental Registration office at 410-887-6060.


Smoke Detector Requirements


Single-family home

  • A hardwired smoke detector with a battery backup must be located in the corridor or hallway outside of sleeping areas and on every level on the dwelling unit.
  • If the home has a basement, a hardwired smoke detector with a battery backup must also be located in the basement, and it must be interconnected to the smoke detectors on all levels of the dwelling unit.


Homes with two or three apartments

  • A hardwired smoke detector with a battery backup must be located in the corridor or hallway outside of sleeping areas and on every level of the dwelling unit including the basement.
  • A basement smoke detector must be interconnected to the smoke detector on the first floor only.


Homes with four to six apartments

  • A hardwired smoke detector with a battery backup must be located in the corridor or hallway outside of sleeping areas and on every level of the dwelling unit.
  • A hardwired smoke detector is required in the basement for homes with 4-6 apartments but does not have to be interconnected.


Wireless remote is accepted for interconnection of smoke detectors as long as the smoke detectors are hardwired and approved by a recognized testing lab such as UL and listed for sale, installation, and use in Maryland by the Office of the State Fire Marshall.  

Note: All smoke detectors must be NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code and UL approved.


Office details

Main office phone: 1-800-837-0037

1340 Smith Ave Baltimore MD 21209

Business Hours

Mon–Fri 9 to 5 pm