Property Management in Jacksonville, FL

Profitable and Hassle-Free Property Management in Jacksonville

Any investor who needs property management in Jacksonville, FL, doesn’t need to look any further than Home365. Our property management company in Florida can provide high scale and innovative technology to complete services and keep operating costs down. Low fees compared to our competitors is a bonus we can offer our customers. Home365 will support you with all of your property management needs in Jacksonville.


Both big and small investors will find Home365 a wonderful property management company in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. We keep a respectful and honorable relationship with not only our clients, but with our tenants as well to ensure your property is being treated as if it were their own. It is also unlikely that a rental property stays vacant once it lands in our hands, thanks to our advertising techniques and top-notch reputation.


If you would like to learn more about Home365 and what makes us the most unique and innovative property management in Jacksonville, contact us today. With both our expert property managers in Jacksonville, FL and our disruptive Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee, you will watch your rental properties performance skyrocket in no time.

Full-Service Property Management in Jacksonville

When it comes to property management in Jacksonville, Home365 has investors’ backs. Our full-service property managers in Jacksonville provide the following:

Step 1 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

The Property Evaluation

When you work with our property management company, we begin by bringing licensed agents and brokers to analyze your property. After careful consideration, they will offer a rental rate for your property. As the premier provider of property management in Jacksonville, FL, we take our job and responsibilities very seriously. This is why we use both publicly accessible data and non-publicly accessible data to provide us with all the information to offer the best deal. Home365 is sure you will be satisfied with the rate we are able to provide for you.

Step 2 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

Screening Prospective Tenants and Making the Selection

You want your property management team in Jacksonville to find not just any tenant to live in your space. They need to find the right tenant. Home365 will do just that. We take the selection process very seriously, so we can ensure we are finding the tenants who are the best fit for your property. We believe that there needs to be more to the selection process than a simple credit score check. To make sure we can provide the best property management services in Jacksonville, our tenant selection process also includes thorough background checks, reference list checks, and checks with previous landlords. Home 365’s property management team in Jacksonville, FL takes care of everything for you to ensure you are receiving the best tenant possible. You will not have to take care of any of this yourself.

Step 3 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

The Rental Listing and Advertising Materials

Home365 in Jacksonville understands how important it is for your rental property to get views. No matter how nice your rental home is, you will not be able to find tenants unless the right people know about the property. This is why we put advertising at such a high priority. Our advertisements aren’t boring. They don’t just include text. Instead, we have appealing ,quality photos as well as videos included in our advertisements. Our property management team in Jacksonville, FL will come up with a unique and enticing strategy to find the perfect tenant. We pride ourselves on the fact that our advertisement strategies are so successful that most of the properties we manage sit empty for less than two weeks. However, please note that this time may vary from season to season.

Step 4 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

The Tenant Move-In Process

Once we find a tenant and the correct paperwork has been filled out and processed, our work is not over. Home365 in Jacksonville wants the move-in day to go as seamless as possible, which is why we will craft a smooth and efficient execution plan. Each tenant will receive a Welcome Kit. The kit includes all of the information the tenant will need about the rental property. We will let them know the expectations, as well as how to report any damages or maintenance requests. It’s important for us to get the line of communication open with our tenants from the start. Our property management company will keep you aware of the status during the move-in process by completing an inspection and check-in. Home365 in Jacksonville, FL provides all of our property owners with the ability to monitor the property on a unique Portal. Once you sign-up, the Portal will immediately provide you with the outcome of the inspection.

Step 5 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

Collecting Rent and Supplying Tenant Management Services

Home365 in Jacksonville will be sure to build a professional relationship with our tenants. We don’t believe in treating them as just another renter. Instead, we want them to feel comfortable in reporting maintenance and requests for repair promptly. This philosophy has been known to lead tenants to making timely payments, as well as retaining good behavior and habits from them. Home365 in Jacksonville, FL has a goal to get every tenant to treat your property with the utmost respect. This will only happen if they are treated with respect in return. However, we will not hesitate to discuss any concerns or breaches of contracts with tenants. When these unfortunate situations arise, we will still treat our tenants in a respectful and honorable manner. Although evictions are not common, Home365 will handle them for you if something of this nature ever needs to happen.

Step 6 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

Financials and Reporting

Home365 in Jacksonville has designed our system so that clients always know what’s going on with their property. If you ever want to check the status of maintenance, repairs, or remodels, access our apps, and you’ll see your property status from there. We also include video reports for our investors to stay up to date on everything. Home365 promises to only hire the best professionals in Jacksonville, FL. We find service professionals by comparing data from over 30 different service points. Home365 also requests and takes feedback from our clients after a service has been performed on their property. We set a minimum requirement that service professionals must meet to be hired. If one of our clients gives them a rating that doesn’t meet that requirement, Home365 will not hire them again. Before hiring a service professional, we will collect quotes and have our clients approve them before any work is completed. The client will be able to pay using our app if they do not have adequate funds in their account to cover the costs. Home365 in Jacksonville has a goal of transparency, and we will provide ongoing updates to our clients to make sure we meet our goal.

Step 7 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodels

Home365 makes it effortless to keep track of maintenance requests, repairs, and remodeling projects. Just head over to our apps, and you’ll be able to see the status of any and all repairs or remodels. The way we’ve designed our system of property management in Jacksonville guarantees that our clients are always aware of what’s happening with their rental property. Video reports will also be used to help investors stay informed and up-to-date. In addition, we make sure to hire only the best in the Jacksonville area. Over thirty different data points will be used to determine whether a service professional is up to our standards. Home365 will also request feedback directly from our tenants regarding the quality of the service professionals we send out. If one of these professionals doesn’t meet the minimum rating that Home365 has set, then we aren’t going to be hiring them. Home365 will provide investors with service quotes before a repair or maintenance job so that they can be approved. Even if the client doesn’t currently have enough funds in their account, this isn’t an issue -- all they need to do is pay using our app. Real-time updates and data will also be provided to our clients, continuing our goal of transparency with property management in Jacksonville, Florida.

Step 8 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

A No-Hassle Turnover Routine

Just as we have a stress-free organized system for move-in day, we also have one in place for the day tenants move out. Our goal at Home365 in Jacksonville, FL is to have the quickest and most hassle-free turnover that there is. When a tenant has moved out, we will provide a move-out inspection. If we find any damages or repairs that are required, we will cover them with the security deposit that the tenant was required to place. Oftentimes, we will find that easy repairs do need to be made such as painting, cleaning, and more. Any repairs will be taken care of quickly so that the property is move-in ready for the next occupant. We will also let you know if identify any updates need to be made to raise the value of your property. As the premier property management team in Jacksonville, FL our clients do not have to be worried about their property staying vacant.

Step 9 of Property Management in Jacksonville:

Top Quality Support Services

If our clients have any questions or concerns, we make it very easy to contact us through our support services. Home365 in Jacksonville is always ready to communicate and answer the questions of our current and potential clients. If you would like to learn more about the property management team here at Home365 in Jacksonville, FL, read our FAQs or contact our company today.

Expert Property Management Team in Jacksonville, Florida

Home365 provides an excellent property management team to our clients in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Our low costs can be attributed to our innovative technology and high-quality scale. By using artificial intelligence along with a preventative sensory system, we have advanced property management. With low fees compared to our competitors, we are profitable and hassle-free, making us the number one property management team in Jacksonville.


Working with all investors, big and small, we know that Jacksonville, FL is a prime spot for real estate. Rentals under our management team rarely sit vacant. We emphasize advertisement so that your property gets seen and tenants are jumping at the bit to live in your investment property.


The team of property managers in Jacksonville will ensure your property stays in top shape. We give our clients an option of our Home365’s Ultimate Coverage Plan. With this plan, you will receive a consistent monthly payout, even if your property is sitting vacant during that time.


We believe a property management team should be effective and have the clients’ best interest at heart. We understand that owning a property can be stressful, but we are here to take the stress off your shoulders. This is what sets us aside from our competitors. Contact us today so our property managers in Jacksonville can help you manage your real estate!