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If you’re an investor, landlord, or property owner in the St. Louis area hoping for a better way to manage every part of your investments, look no further than Home365. Our company is both part of InsureTech and provides property management in St. Louis, Missouri, and we offer unique services to our investors to guarantee your net operating income (NOI). We utilize a system driven by data to offer you better customer service and less stress in the process of property management in St. Louis.


We are one of the best property management companies in St. Louis, and as such, we offer a variety of services, including tenant screening, insurance, property management, and maintenance. Our team of professionals in property management in St. Louis is all qualified in their specific fields so that each aspect of your property is managed by experts. We also provide you access to our data platform to receive the best personalized service and analysis in the market of property management in St. Louis.

Investment and Property Management Companies in St. Louis, MO

Home365 is one of the fastest-growing property management companies currently operating in St. Louis.

St. Louis, Missouri is ranked as one of the best markets for rental property. The city offers a good quality of life, good salaries, and low costs of living, and as a result, many people from more expensive cities have moved here.


St. Louis is home to eight Fortune 500 Companies, including Centene and Emerson Electric. St. Louis is also home to many universities, including Washington University and the University of Missouri.

Now is a good time to invest in St. Louis real estate, preparing early for a changing market. Throughout the area of St. Louis, home values have increased by around 12.1% in the past year, while in the last five years, homes have appreciated by 60%. Though it is currently a renter’s market in St. Louis, Missouri, more people prefer to rent than own property, making it a good market for owning and profiting off your property management in St. Louis. The city of St. Louis, Missouri, remains a good place to find profit in rental property.

Local Expertise in Property Management in St. Louis

Home365 is your ideal choice for a property management company in St. Louis, as a company that prides itself on our ability to work with your individual needs and tailor our services to you. Our company is technology-driven, and we are one of the best companies for property management in St. Louis, providing services to residential and commercial landlords. We work to accommodate your wishes, manage your property, as well as offer you a team of professionals to deal with any issues that arise in property management in St. Louis.


Start the process of managing your property now: talk with us about the services we can provide to you and the community and area around St. Louis. Home365 is an incredible tool and asset to any landlord or investor who wants to better manage their properties.


Home365 is made up of property managers in St. Louis, all of whom are focused on high-quality service for you. We want to exceed your expectations for property management in St. Louis and set up ethical and moral standards while following through on your wishes. It is important to us that your success is the highest priority, so our team is always available for concerns or questions, and we are readily committed to living up to our reputation as the best property management company in St. Louis.


Home365 works diligently to ensure that your experience is beyond any expectations you have. We have experience in evaluating real estate and understand how important it is that your unique needs are met. Our property managers in St. Louis provide you with private information about the current trends of the market, and our team is always available to answer questions.


Our company understands the nuances of property management in St. Louis, as well as the needs of investors. We also understand how important proper care of these properties is to you. By utilizing proper care and ensuring that investors profit, our company will help our investors grow portfolios while erasing hassles that come with property management in St. Louis. It’s our goal to maximize your profit in the investment market.

The Most Cutting-Edge, Comprehensive, High Tech of All Property Management Companies in St. Louis

Home365’s property management in St. Louis outlines and provides a nine-step procedure for customers. This ensures that each of your properties is well-maintained and that your landlord needs are met. Our company will never cut corners and will never provide less than we say we will. As one of the best property management companies in St. Louis, we know the importance of giving you the best service that is all-encompassing in the aspects of property management in St. Louis. Our purpose is to remove your stress and let you spend your time doing important things, while our experts on property management in St. Louis are available at all times, so you don’t have to worry.

Step 1 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Property Evaluation and Calculating Rental Rate

We provide you with a complete analysis of your assets, from market conditions and investment objectives to the status of the economy in your area. All of these things are calculated by licensed brokers to provide you with the most accurate data about the best rental prices and tenant profiles. These data sources, which cannot be accessed by the public, allow us to provide you with accurate data specific to both your needs and the needs of your property. Through this data, you can optimize your rental rates to gain the most income for each property, all while also attracting the best tenants. When you work with the best companies for property management in St. Louis, like Home365, you are provided with personalized data which enables you to ensure your property receives the full value and exposure it deserves. We are experts in property management in St. Louis and help you find fair market value for your properties.

Step 2 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Tenant Screening and Selection

Our system is a custom-made AI that provides us with information to select the best tenants for your property. In addition to looking into credit scores and conducting background checks, we make reference calls to previous landlords. This process ensures potential tenants are the best fit for your property. As a high-quality property management company in St. Louis, Home365 is committed to finding the best tenants for your investment properties. The process of finding good tenants is difficult but necessary. Property management in St. Louis is successful when tenants go through detailed screening, and our system does that and provides you with the results. You want tenants in your properties who are reliable and responsible, so we go through the efforts to vet people for you and select potential candidates.

Step 3 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Rental Listing and Advertising

After the process of vetting and selecting your tenants, our team will begin to advertise your property. Because property management in St. Louis is important to our marketing team, your property advertisements will be of high quality and put in both local and national markets. Everything from the quality and definition of photos and videos and the wording used in ads to the websites we post on is carefully selected and of high quality. There must be a healthy mix of local and national ads so that the right tenants find the ads for your property. Home365 is the leading company for property management in St. Louis, and we didn’t get here by doing things half measure. Additionally, our leases are usually filled and completed within fourteen days, even when factoring in seasonality.

Step 4 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Tenant Move-In

After your ideal tenants have moved in, the professionals of property management in St. Louis will cover everything. Our team does walk-throughs of the property with tenants to show how good the condition of your property is, as well as to ensure tenants understand their responsibilities. Being part of a team of high-quality companies for property management in St. Louis like Home365 means having detailed and complete knowledge. Before and during move-in, we conduct an inspection, a copy of which will be easily accessible to you in digital format through our Portal. That way, you can have a readily available copy for your records. We are experts in the field of property management in St. Louis, MO, and we can utilize that expertise to be sure that your tenants are satisfied in their new homes.

Step 5 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Tenant Management and Rent Collection

Your tenants do not just represent money to be made, but they are valued customers who deserve and require high-quality care. The system we employ at Home365 incentivizes tenants to stay for longer periods and be thoughtful of the property during that time. The tenant management process rewards reporting maintenance problems, passed inspections, and rent payments made on time, allowing tenants to receive perks and redeem rewards. This way, your tenants receive incredible service, and your valued tenants are kept happy and cared for with professional property management in St. Louis. Thanks to the detailed knowledge required by property management companies in St. Louis like us, your tenants remain content and generally continue to remain on your property for a long time. We take care of them and the property, being the best property managers in St. Louis, allowing you to focus on other important aspects.

Step 6 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Financials and Reporting

The online Portal allows you constant access to up-to-date financial and property information and records. Because property management in St. Louis is so important to us, we know that you as an investor need to be able to easily see what’s happening with your properties. The Portal at Home365 gives you details on tenants, financial information, and reports about every facet of property management in St. Louis. All this information is available through your Portal in real-time, so you are always on top of things. We know how necessary and important your time is. For this reason, all your necessary information is streamlined, and since we take care of so many aspects of property management in St. Louis, it’s easy to provide documentation regarding your income, expenses, and current balances. You can see real-time maintenance requests, so you know how the property is faring. You can also receive your hard-earned income into your account. Unlike other property managers in St. Louis, we offer this payment into your account three days after it’s received. Every procedure we have works to ensure you are always informed of everything going on at your property. That way, you can remain aware while running your business, and our team can take care of the successful running of property management in St. Louis.

Step 7 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling

The system we have in place for handling maintenance, repairs, and remodeling requires responsible tenants who report maintenance issues and problems in their profile on our app. These requests are addressed immediately because we want to take care of and provide good property management in St. Louis. We also check that the providers we chose to address the problem are the best in the area and provide repairs and value to your tenants. Our property managers in St. Louis, MO will not take a commission or mark up the prices for these services. We understand that the highest priority is maximizing your profits and keeping your tenants comfortable and happy. Everything about maintenance repairs is gathered and put into detailed reports so that you remain informed. The services we provide for property management in St. Louis mean that we can work actively and effectively to address issues. By doing this, we can keep your properties in good condition while preventing problems from turning into more costly issues.

Step 8 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Tenant Turnover

Though we work to keep long-term tenants, we also ensure the move-out transition is smooth for everyone involved. Your tenants must find a good and positive experience with our property management in St. Louis. We work to exceed expectations and provide the best service to tenants and conduct move-out inspections to ensure your property is well-kept. Our services for property management in St. Louis allow us to present you with detailed reporting of the tenant turnover process. When there are damages, we take care of everything, including painting, cleaning, and repairing, preparing the property for the next tenant while minimizing your costs. We understand that a quick turnover is important to get the property rented out again, and so we work quickly to ensure your property can go back into the market.

Step 9 of Property Management in St. Louis:

Support Services

As one of the best property management companies in St. Louis, we take immense pride in being available, reliable, and above expectations. You can contact us 24/7 and can rely on our professional property management in St. Louis to answer questions and concerns. We ensure we’re available because we know how time-sensitive your business is and can be and want to always be able to answer any questions you have about property management in St. Louis.

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Highlights of St. Louis. Why So Many Love This City.

  • St. Louis has a growing population and few houses for sale. That in turn means that currently the rental market there is extremely strong. 
  • St. Louis offers residents a fantastic quality of life. And the city is known for being extremely family-friendly.
  • This city is considered to have a lower cost of living and so it attracts families who want to move from more expensive areas of the country.
  • All the fun. There’s just so much to do here! St. Louis has its famous Gateway Arch, the highest monument in the country. There are parks to explore in the daytime, and St. Louis also has a spectacular nightlife scene with plenty of restaurants and bars, and of course, this city also has its very own professional baseball team, The St. Louis Cardinals. 
  • St. Louis Union Station. While this was once a train station, now it’s so much more. Union Station boasts restaurants and bars, a Ferris wheel, a carousel, and a miniature golf course. Union Station even has its own aquarium and a hotel. 
  • Education. St. Louis is home to several universities, including Washington University in St. Louis, University of Missouri – St. Louis, Maryville University, and St. Louis University. With so many colleges and universities, it’s easy to see that many young adults move to this city for school and then stay in St. Louis, starting careers and raising families here.

Still want to know more?

Here’s a closer look at the ins and outs of St. Louis and why it is an attractive investment for rental property investors

The Location Market Details for St. Louis

  • 39% of Missouri’s workforce is located in St. Louis.
  • The cost of a family home in St Louis has increased by 7.2% in one year.
  • St. Louis is the 2nd largest city in the state of Missouri. 
  • The city has a population of approximately 300,000.
  • St. Louis has a higher median level of income. The city’s annual median household income level is equated to around nine thousand dollars more than that of the rest of the state of Missouri. 

The Job Market Is Strong in St Louis

Key Employment Statistics

  • The GDP of St. Louis is the 22nd highest in the nation at over $152 billion.
  • St. Louis is rich in business opportunities. This area is already home to many employers such as Boeing, General Motors, Express Scripts, Anheuser-Busch, and Nestle Purina.
  • St. Louis is also home to banks and financial powerhouses Wells Fargo and Edward Jones. 
  • Excellent medical care is available in St. Louis. And the city’s many employers include several different hospitals located in St. Louis, among them are the nationally ranked Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Missouri Baptist Medical Center. 
  • The public transportation system in St. Louis is incredible and is often considered to be among the best in The United States. Public buses and a light rail connect neighborhoods with the downtown areas, their jobs, and attractions. And this quick and convenient transportation system also shuttles passengers to and from the airport. 


Real Estate Market

The city is undergoing a shortage of available housing and therefore the rental market here is so red hot at the moment that it’s not uncommon for landlords to receive multiple rental offers for a single property. 


Key Market Stats

  • Within one year’s time, the sales price for a single-family house located in the St. Louis region increased by a staggering 20%.
  • Nationally, the average rate for a thirty-year conventionally fixed mortgage has dropped to 3.96%, and this has made it an amazing time to purchase a house.


Key Real Estate Statistics

In St. Louis, few of the houses that are for sale remain available for very long. In fact, most properties that are put on the market are gone within days. And most (56%) of the city’s residents are actually renting the homes that they live in. Renters enjoy living in St. Louis because of the city’s many different neighborhoods with amenities and area attractions including parks, museums, art centers, and live music halls. St. Louis also has many pedestrian-friendly areas as well. 



St. Louis also has various great neighborhoods to live in.

  • Downtown St. Louis is always bustling and humming with energy. From here it is easy to get to and from just about anything going on. So, it’s almost impossible to miss out on anything in the downtown area.
  • Lafayette Square. This area is very close to the downtown area yet it maintains its own charming pace. And so, life in Lafayette Square doesn’t move as quickly as the nearby downtown area does.

Key Market Statistics

  • The average price of rent in St. Louis varies by neighborhood and ranges from under $600 per month to over $1,500 per month.
  • The areas in St. Louis with the lowest monthly rental rates include Boulevard Heights, Franz Park, Lafayette Square, Maryland Heights, and North Hampton. 
  • The areas in St. Louis with the most expensive monthly rental fees are Wydown-Skinker, Compton Heights, Central West End, Skinker-DeBaliviere, and St. Louis Hills.


Historic Price Changes & Housing Affordability

During 2020 and 2021, St. Louis, like the rest of the United States, was affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. The buying and selling of homes dropped as a result. However, the value of homes still was able to rise. Interest rates for home mortgages are currently low and as a result, St. Louis is recovering nicely and doing well. The real estate market in St. Louis is looking better than ever.

  • Homes in St. Louis rose in value by close to 14% in 2021.
  • The median income for a family in the city of St. Louis for 2021 equaled $43,896.
  • The city’s population in 2021 was estimated to be 300,576.
  • In the years from 1984 until 2022, general inflation (affecting the affordability of home purchases) in the city of St. Louis grew by 152.50%. 
  • Up to one-third of the homes currently on the market in the St. Louis area have lowered their asking price from when they originally listed their properties. 


Quality of Life & Rentability

Renters in St. Louis highly value the life that they have here. The cost of living here in St. Louis, from the price of their monthly rent to the price of receiving healthcare or picking up groceries is lower than it is in many other parts of the country. Employment opportunities are widely available, especially within the healthcare, biomedical, and technology fields.


Key Quality of Life Stats

St. Louis is an exciting and fun city where people love to live. There’s always a lot to do here and there are plenty of activities to participate in, from sports to arts and crafts and culture. It’s all here. In fact, WalletHub recently rated this city as being one of the twenty most fun cities in America. 

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