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Home365 is a highly reputable, highly responsive property management company in State College and beyond, with operations in all of the United States’ hottest real estate investment markets. Home365’s state-of-the-art platform places us at the bleeding edge of a total paradigm shift in the way property management is done and the value it can provide investors. We don’t merely know the State College real estate market. Our proprietary data sources and algorithms pull the maximum possible value out of every investment for our partners.

Being a landlord in a prominent college town is not always an easy or straightforward task. Home365’s property management in State College will take care of all aspects of monetizing your investment and guaranteeing its profitability month after month. And that’s not just talk—Home365 offers plans that ensure your monthly income even if a unit should be empty that month. Your search for property management in State College has ended. Invest and rest with Home365.

Fully Customized Property Management in State College and Surrounding Neighborhoods

Property Management in State College: Evaluating Your Investment

Home365’s fully licensed, responsive agents are the real deal. We have experienced real estate brokers who can accurately calculate your property’s value and potential based on highly advanced AI routines and data sources that no other property management companies in State College have access to. We evaluate your investment from every possible angle and take care of any repairs or renovations that need to be done before we move ahead with the process of filling your home with tenants, adding value to both your State College community and your investment portfolio.

Property Management in State College: Calculating the Rent

Our advanced AI processes and proprietary data sources don’t stop working after your property’s initial evaluation. Home365’s experts will calculate the correct rent and recalculate it as needed with changes in the market landscape. We do it with accuracy that other property management companies in State College can’t hope to match. So don’t waste your valuable time stressing about the correct rent price that will attract and retain the right tenants while providing consistent income for you. Instead, eliminate guesswork and leave it to the professionals at Home365, your choice for property management in State College.

Property Management in State College: Listing and Filling Units

Finding and retaining great tenants can be a highly stressful part of doing your own property management in State College. Savvy investors know that college towns have excellent income potential but that college tenants can also present a long list of additional challenges. Mitigate the risks and eliminate the hands-on work by letting Home365 market your property, handle applications, and select your new renters. We are a full-service property management company in State College, which means we handle everything from getting professional quality photographs for the listing to interviewing potential tenants and running background checks to getting leases signed and keeping all necessary records. Handling tenant feedback and all other day-to-day landlord-type tasks can be left to Home365’s invest and rest model because we know your time is better spent planning the next move in your investment portfolio.

Property Management in State College: Moving In

After your property management company in State College finishes inspecting the property, working with quality local contractors to get it move-in ready, hiring professional photographers, writing a great listing, and screening applicants, it’s finally time to fill your State College investment with renters. Move-in day is a momentous occasion for you and your new tenants both, and with Home365’s help, it will be the beginning of a great relationship that creates value for all parties. Renting in a university town like State College can make for especially exciting move-in days, as younger tenants may be on their own for the first time. Students and other first-time renters can be especially needy tenants, so it’s crucial to have an excellent property management company in State College handling all aspects of your operation to keep the experience smooth for investor and renter alike. For example, the move-in day tour and final inspection can be streamed live online so that you, the owner, can join us through the Internet even if you’re unable to attend in person. This is an excellent option for investors outside of Pennsylvania who want to maintain a hands-on touch when it comes to their properties and tenant relationships. Home365 also provides every new tenant with a signature Welcome Kit, which is fully customized to provide all the necessary information about your property and the neighborhood in which it sits. Welcome Kits are just one of the fantastic details that pack value into Home365’s property management services, ensuring we get the right renters at the right price point—and keep them.

Property Management in State College: Getting Paid

The Home365 rent collection system is one of the things putting us on the cutting edge of property management in State College, across the rest of Pennsylvania, and beyond. Tenants in Home365-managed properties receive bonuses for timely payments, passed inspections, and other ways in which they take accountability for the value of your property—their home. At Home365, we know that a team-based approach to investing, property management, and renting creates better relationships and greater values than situations where one party feels antagonized, micromanaged, or unfairly cut out of the decision-making process. The Home365 model creates value for all parties at every step of the rental process, and we make something as simple as paying the rent on time feel like a win for everyone involved. All payment information can be tracked and processed through Home365’s suite of cutting-edge apps. Tenants can pay right from their phone, and you’ll be notified on yours without anyone ever needing to make a call or even log into a website to download statements. Getting a Home365 plan for your property management needs lets you track your rent payments from the time they’re turned over to your property management company in State College until they’re in your own bank account (typically within three days).

Property Management in State College: Data and Reporting

When we say Home365 is a modern property management solution, it’s not just a marketing buzzword. Any property management company in State College can get units filled and go around collecting rent money. However, Home365 goes many steps beyond the basics of the property management process, providing our partners with comprehensive reports and world-class record keeping and data aggregation related to every part of your property, your neighborhood, and your rental income. We generate a treasure trove of information on every property we manage, and it’s available at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Our technology-forward approach to property management in State College ensures that you can wield the full power of your own data. As a Home365 property owner, you will have access to highly detailed reporting on everything you need, whether it’s tracking individual rent payments from the tenant to your bank account or getting a timeline for your high-dollar renovation and remodeling projects.

Property Management in State College: Remodels, Renovation, and Maintenance

Another aspect of the Home365 property management model that our partners love is that we can handle every aspect of maintenance and remodeling needs. Our high-tech apps once again come into play here, as tenants can document problems and submit requests without ever having to contact the property owner or property management company directly. Never again worry about a water heater making a weird sound. Never again crawl through the basement with a flashlight to figure out where a pest infestation is entering your building. You’re in the phase of your life where you’re acquiring properties to generate income. You don’t need to spend your days playing repairman. And when it’s time for those extensive remodel jobs, Home365 can take care of the overwhelming process of screening, hiring, and coordinating multiple subcontractors and service providers. Our app-based systems even allow your tenants to rate the services used at your property and allow you to review service tickets to see precisely what transpired between your tenants and your maintenance providers. All this data streamlines decision-making if we need to move from a State College service provider and look elsewhere. In addition, all contractor quotes are sent to you, the owner, for approval before projects move forward, and you can even use the Home365 app on your end to make payments for projects.

Property Management in State College: Evictions and Turnover

Sometimes things go wrong in the rental game. Tenants don’t always make it through a lease with no issues. This aspect of the market can be especially volatile in a college town like State College, where you must always consider the possibility of tenants transferring schools or dropping out. Evictions, non-payments, and abandonment are extremely stressful realities of the landlord’s life, and an investor focused on acquiring new properties won’t have the time to deal with these issues adequately. Home365 will handle evictions and collections efficiently, with the minimum possible drama. And when your State College tenants are ready to move out, we take them through a final inspection and determine whether there are any issues to be covered using their initial security deposit. We then suggest any necessary upgrades or remodels, get the unit move-in ready for your next tenants, and get it back on the market to continue generating income for you.

Property Management in State College: Support

Support for our property owners is the core of the Home365 property management philosophy. Giving you the tools you need to succeed as a real estate investor is the focus of everything we do. Our property management services are all designed with the investor in mind. Home365’s property management systems are built to make your investment into a passive income generator instead of a tedious full-time job. So, invest and rest: Let Home365 turn your new State College, Pennsylvania property into a perennial moneymaker.

Home365 Is the Property Management Company in State College for Serious, Modern Real Estate Investors

The real estate game in a university town like State College moves rapidly. Properties are listed one minute and gone the next. But, with a median home value of over $300,000 and average rents topping $1,000, it also holds a lot of potential for savvy investors who find the right deals and work with the right property management company in State College.


Investment opportunities in the State College market include multi-unit buildings, duplexes, and single-family homes. You may find yourself renting from anyone to groups of college students sharing a space to higher-end university employees, depending on what segment of the market you invest in. Home365 will help you evaluate your property and find the correct tenants to fill it using private data and advanced AI algorithms that no other property management company in State College can match.


Property managers in State College come with a wide range of fees and service models, and it’s crucial to find the property management company in State College that best aligns with your own goals and values as an investor. Options for working with property managers in State College can range from single-person outfits that independently contract with smaller investors to other corporate property managers with operations across the country. The right investment calls for property management, and Home365’s fully customized packages make it the right property management company for just about any situation.


When you’re making moves in the fast-paced State College real estate market, you need Property Management in State College that works for you. A qualified property management company in State College like Home365 handles tenants, contractors, payments, listings, and the rest of the day-to-day business that threatens to distract you from your vision. You’re free to focus on your next investment or to simply relax and watch rent payments hit your bank account through the Home365 app.


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