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Home365: How We Became One of the Best Property Management Companies in PA

Property management can be a highly competitive business. This is why it is so important for companies to find ways to stand out from their competition. When searching for property management companies in PA, you’ll find a long list of potential candidates. However, there is one company that continues to stand out from the rest. Home365 is one of the best property management companies in PA. This is largely due to our commitment to customer service, our full spectrum management, and our use of top-of-the-line technology to provide the best experience possible for owners, tenants, and contractors.


What Do Property Management Companies in PA Do?

Property management companies in PA are responsible for managing the daily operations of a rental property. This property is an investment property owned by an owner who would prefer to treat the property as a passive investment. This means that the investor owns the property and provides the necessary funds to improve and maintain the property, but the bulk of the control is left to reputable property management companies in PA.

Property management companies in PA are responsible for all aspects of ensuring the investor’s investment pays off, and that tenants are happy residing in the property. This means that a property management company handles marketing any vacancies on the property, screening tenants, collecting rent, and addressing maintenance requests.

While the expected services are typically the same across different property management companies in PA, the way these services are handled can vary drastically. Many property management companies in PA still do things the old-school way. This involves collecting physical checks from residents. This also means that when tenants have repair requests, they have to jump through a lot of hurdles to get the repairs they need.

Keeping records in spreadsheets, as is often the case, for example, makes it harder to get clear financial reports on demand. This is where Home 365 stands out from other property management companies in PA. Not only do we provide all the services needed to properly maintain a rental property, but we also utilize the best that technology has to offer to make the process quick and efficient.


How Home365 Stands Out from Other Property Management Companies in PA

Home365 is committed to completely revolutionizing the way property management companies in PA provide their services. Our methods benefit both property owners and tenants. One complaint that we aim to address is the investor’s desire to remain as passive as possible. Passive real estate investment is a great way to grow a business portfolio without having to be extensively hands-on. Remote ownership is one facet of passive real estate investment. As a property owner, we understand your desire to remain passive while still wanting to see your investment thrive.

Unlike other property management companies in PA who may require more involvement than an investor would prefer, we guarantee our property owners won’t have to operate as a landlord in any sense. We are fully equipped and capable to handle all aspects of operating the property. We handle finances, tenants, contractors, and other property management areas so an investor doesn’t have to. We want the property owner to be able to focus on other endeavors, such as securing more investment opportunities.

When working with Home365, investors can rest assured that they won’t have to be involved more than they would prefer when it comes to their investment property. We offer all-inclusive property management services that are streamlined through automation and digitalization. Our use of technology helps us stand apart from other property management companies in PA that are still relying on older methods of property management.


We Provide a Better ROI

ROI is key when investors choose to invest in passive real estate. This success largely depends on the property increasing in value, and that it operates effectively. This is where choosing the right property management company in PA is key. Even if your property is in great shape and in a great location, mismanagement can affect your ability to make money from your property. At Home365, we ensure a better return on investment for property owners who choose to work with our company.

This is largely accomplished by our ability to provide fast responses for tenant acquisition, tenant screening, property maintenance, and detailed financial reporting. We strive to always provide property owners with clear financial gain, while also taking away any stress associated with the operations of the property. With Home365, a property owner can truly remain a passive real estate investor while seeing a steady stream of monthly income.


We Use Technology to Its Full Potential

Many property management companies in PA offer some type of portal for payments to help move from old-school ways of managing a property. Home365 takes its use of technology much further. At Home365, our use of artificial intelligence helps us to stand apart from our competition. Our use of technology begins right away. Our AI can analyze over 40 different data points that allow us to get a full image of your property’s full capabilities.

This allows us to provide the best in marketing throughout PA. With our collected data, we gain a full understanding of information such as the property size, age, value, local labor costs, tenant demographic, and even climate. This allows us to build a detailed understanding of the specific area to better tailor our marketing techniques, find the best possible tenants, and find contractors who are both professional and affordable.


Managing Tenants in PA

One major responsibility that is handled by property management companies in PA is managing tenants. Tenant satisfaction is key in ensuring a property will remain financially positive, and that more potential tenants will be attracted to the property. As an investor, you want to work with a property management company in PA that understands how to handle tenants. This is where customer service, as well as the convenience of technology, comes into play.

Home365 manages tenants much differently than other property management companies in PA. This starts with our use of technology to secure the most qualified tenants. We understand the problems that can arise when dealing with a disgruntled tenant. We know that poor tenants can lead to a lack of payments, broken leases, and in some situations, damaged property. As expert property managers, we take care of every issue that arises ourselves. We believe that it is our responsibility to handle this situation, not the passive investor. This is why we take our time when screening tenants. Great tenants can make the whole operation run smoothly. We request potential tenants complete a detailed application, as well as a full credit and background check.

The majority of interactions with tenants are handled through our state-of-the-art app that is easily downloaded and simple to navigate. This portal allows tenants to take charge of any needs they may have. They will have access to different forms and methods of communication. Tenants prefer the ability to make monthly rent payments through this portal. This provides an easy method of payment while providing us with a clear track record of payment history.

Our app also allows tenants to schedule their own maintenance needs. They simply log on to the portal, contact the provider they need from our list of approved contractors, and schedule an appointment time that works best for them. This eliminates the back and forth of trying to sync the schedules of tenants, property managers, and contractors. This also shows tenants that their needs are being addressed immediately, increasing their feelings of satisfaction.


Managing the Property

At Home365, we take pride in the way your property looks and operates. We know that potential tenants tend to base their living decision on first impressions. That is why we always make sure that units are properly cleaned, repaired, and updated before showing. We also make sure the exterior of the building is always well-kept. We provide full insurance protection and coverage for operating expenses, maintenance, routine repairs, turnover repairs, or remodeling opportunities.

Investors can rest assured that we only work with the best contractors in the area. Our AI allows us to easily compare rates throughout PA, giving us a clear picture of labor costs. We take the time to research different contractors to ensure we find the right fit for the needs of the property and the tenants.

One major technological advantage we have over other property management companies in PA includes our preventive sensory system that is professionally installed throughout the entire property. Other property management companies in PA have to rely on tenants to report issues they are experiencing. While we would like to believe tenants would always report any issues or concerns quickly, this isn’t always the case. Even with the best intentions, some issues, such as plumbing issues, can be missed until the problem becomes worse. With our system, we can detect any maintenance issue early, which can save significant money on costly repairs. Once an alert is received, we can act quickly to get the issue repaired before it can become worse.


Live Dashboard

Our dashboard is beneficial for both tenants and property owners. Tenants have the convenience of making payments and submitting requests. Our dashboard provides property owners with full transparency when it comes to vacancies, monthly rent collected, money used for repairs, and all other aspects of the financial operations of the property.


Work with Home365

There are several property management companies in PA. However, no company can provide the same streamlined automated use of technology as Home365. Our technology allows us to always be a step ahead when it comes to marketing, screening, and operating a rental property. We offer a variety of plans to fit the needs of property investors.