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Registering Your Rental Property in Philadelphia Made Easy

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, requires property owners to register their rental properties with the Department of Licenses and Inspections. This includes providing information about the property and its owner, as well as paying a fee. The registration process also includes obtaining a certification of occupancy and passing any necessary inspections. The purpose of the rental registration program is to ensure that rental properties in the city are safe and meet certain standards.

Here are the basic steps to complete rental registration:

STEP (1)

Gather the necessary information. You’ll need to provide information about the property and its owner, such as the address, owner’s name, contact information, and number of units in the building, in addition to proof of ownership in the form of a recorded deed or settlement sheet.

STEP (2)

Obtain a Business Income & Receipts Tax Number

STEP (3)

Create an account on Philadelphia’s eclipse website (this is where you will submit all paperwork and register your property.

STEP (4)

Confirm that you have the property’s zoning approval and occupancy certificate.

STEP (5)

Ensure there are no outstanding violations on the property  If there are any outstanding violations, they will need to be addressed, and the violation will need to be reinspected by L&I (Philadelphia’s Licensing and Inspections department).

STEP (6)

Ensure that all taxes on the property are paid up to date.

STEP (7)

A lead test must be completed for any property built prior to 1978, regardless of tenant(s) age.

STEP (8)

After completing all of the above, you can return to the eclipse website and follow the steps to register the property.  The first step is to register for a new commercial activity license.  Then, follow all of the prompts and fill in all fillable areas.


The Console Matison company owns and operates Philadelphia Zoning. Philadelphia Zoning will handle the rental registration process in Philadelphia on behalf of the owner.


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