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Top 5 Places to Invest In Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA is an attractive city for real estate investors. The city has opportunities for job growth and an international influx which is increasing the population year over year. 58% of residents are renters and there are over 250,000 housing units in the city alone. If you are looking to start your portfolio in Atlanta, GA, here are some of the best areas to look at: 

5 Areas to Invest In Atlanta

  1. Kirkwood: A historic neighborhood that attracts its residents for the day and nightlife. Kirkwood is also undergoing renovations to attract young professionals. 
  2. East Atlanta Village: A popular neighborhood for its entertainment options and community events. This neighborhood gives the perfect suburban feel while still remaining outside of downtown.
  3. Grant Park: A sought-after neighborhood with many historic homes, parks, and museums, known for its annual events like festivals and located close to downtown. 
  4. Old Fourth Ward: A rapidly growing area with a mix of commercial and residential properties, this part of the city is only home to 917 people, but provides an urban and unique feel. 
  5. Westview: Located in southwest Atlanta, this neighborhood is up and coming and has the draw for many families and young professionals due to its travel distance from the heart of downtown and number of things to do. 

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