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Top 5 Places to Invest in Las Vegas, NV


The Las Vegas area has become increasingly popular for Real Estate investors. The city offers various types of properties and areas all within just a few miles of each other. Las Vegas has a diverse job market and a population of about 646,000 and growing. 

Locations Investors Should Look in Las Vegas

The best places to invest in Las Vegas will depend on the investment goal, budget, and risks the investor is willing to take. Here are the 5 places investors should start looking:


  1. Downtown Las Vegas: This area is undergoing a huge change with new developments, restaurants, and entertainment options that make it attractive for young adult renters. Downtown is an ideal location for those working on the Las Vegas Strip but offers a more affordable and relaxed lifestyle. Downtown has both single family homes and large apartment buildings.  
  2. Summerlin: A community in Las Vegas that is located on the west side, creating almost direct access to the mountains and trails. Summerlin is a master planned neighborhood that is known for its high-end single family homes, great schools, and its own downtown area with shopping, restaurants, and more. The average rent in Summerlin is higher than that of Las Vegas as a whole, making it attractive for investors looking for Class A properties. 
  3. Henderson: Known for its suburban feel, Henderson is located southeast of Las Vegas and is considered its own city, but gets the same attention as Las Vegas. The city is growing significantly which is creating a strong job market for transplants to Nevada. Henderson has an excellent school system and many people are drawn to living there because the city has so much to offer.
  4. Enterprise: Another fast-growing area in Las Vegas, Enterprise is located just South of the Las Vegas Strip and in close proximity to both the Strip and Summerlin. This area has easy access to major highways and is seeing new businesses and entertainment moving in due to the large amount of land available. Enterprise will most likely see new construction for a long time so investors will see more properties becoming available in this area. 
  5. North Las Vegas: North Las Vegas is one of the most affordable suburbs of Las Vegas and is considered its own city. It has a mixture of both new and old homes, and is home to a United States Air Force Base. North Las Vegas is far enough away from the Las Vegas strip to give a suburban feel, but not too far for a commute. Investors looking for lower priced housing but a growing community in Nevada will find North Las Vegas perfect for them. 

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