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Property management

Why Hire a Property Manager?


Imagine renting out your home without managing tenants, doing repairs or worrying about vacancies, all while reaping a steady income from your property. When you hire a property manager, you can enjoy the rewards without the hard work. Home365 has removed the stress of property management for many owners through our hands-on approach — we can help you manage your property hassle-free.

What Are a Property Manager’s Responsibilities?

An adept property manager can whisk away the laborious tasks and stressors that come with managing your property. The responsibilities and benefits of a property manager are vast. A top-notch property manager will:

Keep Tenants Satisfied

If your tenants feel right at home in your house, they might renew their lease — happy tenants decrease turnover. Hiring a masterful property manager ensures tenants have someone readily available to meet their needs. A first-rate property manager will provide prompt repairs and an easy way for tenants to pay rent.

Secure Well-Suited Tenants

You can rely on a property manager’s screening process to find fitting tenants for your home. A property manager maestro will do credit and background checks and review the rental history of potential tenants. Well-matched tenants are likelier to perform a renter’s duties smoothly.

Care for Your Property

Property managers will conduct routine inspections to address maintenance issues and schedule needed repairs. By managing your maintenance, they minimize the wear and tear on your property and maintain its value.

Secure a Steady Income

Because property managers keep tenants happier and choose well-suited renters, you are more likely to receive a steady income from your property.

Why Do Owners Hire a Property Manager?

Most homeowners reap a multitude of rewards after hiring a fine property manager. Involving a manager might be especially beneficial if you:

  • Have too many properties to take care of.
  • Live far away from your properties.
  • Don’t want to be a hands-on manager.
  • Have limited time.
  • Find management overwhelming.

How Involved Are Owners in the Managing Process?

By familiarizing yourself with a property manager’s duties, you can let go of the rails knowing your manager will care for your property and tenants from top to bottom. This hands-on approach requires minimal owner involvement. In the wake of a crisis, when immediate action is necessary to avoid property damage and tenant injuries, you might need to step into a management role temporarily. But you only need to concern yourself with management issues in an emergency.

If you prefer more involvement, you’ll want to establish this with your property manager immediately, ensuring all parties know their responsibilities so no managerial tasks fall through the cracks.

Why Choose Home365?

Home365 wants you to make a profit from your property. With our years of experience and cutting-edge technology, we can predict your property’s needs — ensuring you don’t lose money on unexpected repairs and listing and advertising fees. We can offer you:

  • A guaranteed income: If your tenant misses a month’s rent, we will pay you instead. You also don’t need to worry about rental turnover. No matter what happens, you will always receive your rent.
  • No unforeseen costs: You don’t need to pay for that leaking roof or plumbing issue, as we will cover all unanticipated costs, proactive maintenance tasks and routine repairs.
  • Excellent online coordination: Stay in the loop by viewing your property’s condition, project history and all statements with our advanced software. We coordinate your projects through our property management platform and use our software to meet your tenants’ needs. Renters have 24/7 access to Home365, and we help them promptly to keep them happy.
  • Quality property protection: With our preventative inspection system, you can rest assured we will promptly take care of any maintenance issues and maintain the value of your house.

Let’s Make Your Property Management Stress-Free

Home365 is equipped to do the heavy lifting — we will manage your property and ensure you get a steady income. Ready for hassle-free property management? Get a free quote today!

Make Your Property Management Stress Free

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