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4 Best Places to Buy Rental Properties


Are you looking for the best place to invest in rental property? There is always an element of risk involved when it comes to purchasing income property. Minimizing risk as much as possible by investing in lucrative markets can help you make the most of your investment. Here are some of the hottest markets in the United States for the purchase of income-generating property.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is about more than just gambling and partying – it’s home to a booming economy and large hospitality employers. Hospitality is the largest employer in the city, followed by the Clark County School District. Purchasing property in Las Vegas can mean quality, long-term tenancy in an area that receives little rain (read: less water damage) and enjoys a favorable climate. Since the rental market in Las Vegas has many regulations, seeking help from a Las Vegas property manager can help maximize convenience and ensure that your rental stays compliant with local codes.


Los Angeles

The city of Angels is, and always will be, home to a booming housing market. Landowners can make a considerable profit while offering homes at a competitive rate. People are drawn to the city for its celebrity allure, desirable weather, and array of cultural amenities. While turnover in the city can be high, a property manager can help screen tenants and assure long-term tenancy.



The Southeastern United States is hot, and more than just literally. The Southeast region is experiencing economic growth, which is driving prospective tenants to the region. Close proximity to Disneyworld and Universal Studios also makes it a good time to purchase property for short-term rental.



Houston, is booming thanks to its tax structure. Large companies, seeking relief from high tax burdens in states like California, are moving eastward where they can be less regulated. This is moving jobs and potential tenants to markets like Houston, which is known for its hot summers and mild winters. With lots to do for professionals and families alike, expect long-term tenancies and a significant return on investment.


No matter where you purchase a rental property, a good property manager will handle the complex aspects of ownership for you. Using proprietary technology, Home 365 connects you with high-quality tenants using a rigorous screening process. Our sensors also monitor the property for potential issues and resolve them before they become costly to fix. Peace of mind, flexibility, and convenience are benefits of using a property manager.


For more information on Home 365’s property management services, please contact us.

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