This document will be updated periodically to reflect new development. 

Last updated date: June 1, 2020, 3:00 PM PST

In an effort to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19),
Clark County authorities have issued a “Shelter In Place”.
The ‘Shelter in Place’ order was extended to June 30th by Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak.


We know you may have many questions at this time regarding our service, we have attempted to answer many questions that you may have. 

Where can I find some resources to help me overcome this


Periodically we will be adding any possible resources that we find that might be useful to you. We are not recommending nor have any affiliation with any of them. Please use your own discretion and common sense before taking any decisions.



Financial Toolkit for renters



Is Home365 Las Vegas operating as usual?


Yes! We are doing our best to have business as usual. However, we are all working from home which comes with its own challenges. We might be slower responding but we are committed to work even harder to deliver the best service possible. Home365 Las Vegas office will remain closed to the public until further notice. Office personnel will be available virtually via our app and our support link during normal business hours.


What if I need help with paying my rent?


We understand that COVID19 is going to cause serious financial hardship for the majority of us, but most of our landlords finance these properties and depend on rent to make their payments to their banks. So at this point, we are unable to offer assistance, however, like everything else with COVID19, this is an evolving situation and we will keep you posted in case things change.

We are now working with each and every landlord to see if and how they can be helpful with some temporary relief.  However, if you already know that you are seriously impacted and will not be able to pay rent on time, please provide us with all the needed evidence HERE.
This, however, is not a permission or an authorization to not pay rents.We can only promise to do our best on a case per case basis and work with your landlords to see if they can mitigate this situation.


Can I still submit requests for repairs?


We understand repairs are inevitable! We will make every possible effort to fix your repair but due to restrictions issued by CDC for social distancing, our providers will address only essential safety-related and repairs that significantly impact your ability to safely stay at residence. As usual, these maintenance requests will need to be submitted via the Home365 app. 


When submitting a request via video –  please let us know if someone in your home might be affected by the virus. This info is essential for the safety of our network of loyal pros.


How to contact us


Due to the high volume of calls, the best way to contact us to submit a support ticket here


In the event of an essential emergency, such as heating, cooling, plumbing, electricity, or lockable doors, please use our App to make the request and make sure that you mention in the video that this is URGENT. If it needs to be addressed by us in a timely manner- please contact our emergency line. (after submitting the request via the app)
Emergency line number:  (702) 998-9707