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Living in Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta is both the capital of Georgia and the center of the cultural and economic metropolitan area. In this vibrant city, you’ll find a unique blend of friendly locals, diverse cultures and countless recreational activities. Offering the best of the South, Atlanta is an ideal location for those interested in a thriving real estate market or a new place to call home.

What Is It Like Living in Atlanta?

Atlanta offers unique opportunities and benefits for everyone. Here are a few things to know about living in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Friendly, Welcoming Locals 

Even though it’s a large, bustling city, Atlanta is known for having friendly, welcoming neighbors. When you visit, you’ll likely find yourself being greeted with a friendly smile or nod — no matter if you’re at the grocery store, park or shopping center. The warmth is an endearing quality that makes visitors and locals feel embraced by the community.

Southern Hospitality 

Similar to the overall friendly demeanor, Southern hospitality is real and still thriving in Atlanta. Here, you’ll be immersed in a culture of politeness, courtesy and genuine care for others. Embrace the warmth and charm and wave back to neighbors or strike up a conversation with a stranger and discover just how hospitable this city actually is.

Diverse Culture 

Diverse Culture

One of the most notable aspects of Atlanta is how diverse the cultural heritage is. While the city is home to the second-largest Black population in the country, it hosts all kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities and traditions. The city is home to diverse neighborhoods like Little Five Points, Buford Highway and Sweet Auburn, where you’ll find an array of customs, languages and cuisines. 

Millennial City 

Millennials make up a significant percentage of the population — and that number continues to grow. Young professionals are flocking to this city because of its innovative startup scene, diverse industries and booming job market. Millennials ranging from entrepreneurs to tech enthusiasts thrive here, enjoying an environment that fosters the growth and innovation they need to succeed in their careers. 


Atlanta is divided between Inside the Perimeter (ITP) and Outside the Perimeter (OTP) regions. These geographical distinctions offer two unique environments and feels. There is a highway encircling the city, which separates these two distinct areas. Inside the Perimeter is the vibrant heart of the city, with its urban energy, cultural attractions and diverse neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Outside the Perimeter, you’ll find more of a natural landscape with tranquil communities and spacious homes. 

Recreational Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of living in Atlanta is all of the recreational opportunities. If you love spending time in the great outdoors, you’ll appreciate all of the hiking, mountain biking, trail riding, kayaking and adventure destinations. From climbing up Stone Mountain to floating down the Chattahoochee River, there are many stunning natural wonders to discover and enjoy. 

Maximize Returns on Your Real Estate Investments 

With its natural beauty, low cost of living and diverse population, Atlanta, Georgia is one of the best places to live — and there are always people eager to make it their home. At Home365, we make it easy to manage properties and invest in real estate in areas like Atlanta. We provide comprehensive property management solutions and trusted service providers who will help you reach your investment goals. 

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