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Home365 is the top property management company in York, providing unmatched property management services to investors across the city. Thanks to the scale of our company and the innovative property management technology that we use as a part of our services, Home365 is able to keep our property management prices lower than our competitors. If you’re currently searching for property managers in York, you can rely upon Home365 for property management services that are both affordable and high quality.


When you turn to a property management company in York with lower fees, that means it’s simpler than ever for you to make a profit from your investment property. No matter whether you’re a big or small investor, you can benefit from using property managers in York to take care of your investment property. Our Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee helps make sure that your property is performing at its peak.


When you turn to Home365 for property management in York, you don’t need to worry about your property being left vacant. When we manage your rental or investment property, it’s unlikely to sit vacant for extended periods of time.

Highlights of the York PA Market

What Makes York Appealing to Real Estate Investors?

  • The median home value is only $115,000, which is far below the national average of $229,800.
    – Despite these housing prices, 58% of York residents are renters rather than homeowners.
  • The York housing market is strongly in favor of sellers in 2022, as there is a high demand for housing in the area.
  • 80% of recent homes sold in York were under contract in less than 30 days.
  • York County homes went up 6.5% in value last year.
    The poverty rate in York is decreasing rapidly.
  • York sits in the middle of Pennsylvania’s city size range, giving residents the amenities of a populous area with the feel of a small town.
  • York is a historic area, and the town displays its story proudly. This brings a lot of
    tourism to the region.
  • The transit and walking infrastructure make York a place that is easily accessible by foot or on a bike.
  • 94% of York residents are citizens of the United States.
  • York schools consistently rank above average and are considered high-quality.

Still want to know more?

Here’s a closer look at the ins and outs of York and why it is an attractive investment for rental property investors.

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Property Management Company in York, PA

Property investors in the York area can come to Home365 for the most innovative methods of property management in York. We even use artificial intelligence and a preventative sensory system to help get the job done. All of these unique strategies are supported by the dedicated property management processionals at Home365.

Superior Property Management in York, PA

Those interested in property management in York can sign up for Home365’s Ultimate Coverage Plan today. When you work with Home365 for property management, you’ll receive a consistent payout every month — even if there isn’t a tenant living at your investment property.

Home365 is a genuine “invest & rest” property management company, setting the bar for efficient and top-quality property management services in York and the surrounding areas.

Local Recommendations

The team has increased our rental income by 3% and has decreased our expenses by 7% in the 1st year of management.

– JaNeene Powell, York, PA, Investor with 40+ units in York

Full-Service Property Management in York

Property management is multi-faceted, but fortunately, you can get all the property management services you require through Home365. When you work with Home365 for property management in York, the following premier services are made available to you:

Step 1 of Property Management in York:

Collecting Rent From Tenants and Staying on Top of Tenant Management

Home365 will start by bringing our licensed agents and brokers to the site of your rental property. These professionals will then perform a detailed analysis of your asset. This analysis can help us to determine a fair rental rate for your investment property. It can even help Home365 to create an accurate tenant profile, ensuring that you get the most out of property management in York. In order for us to remain the best providers of property management in York, we don’t restrict ourselves to publicly accessible data when we perform an analysis. Instead, Home365 takes advantage of data sources that aren’t available for the public to view. We’ve found that this is the most efficient way for our property managers in York to optimize the deals for our clients.

Step 2 of Property Management in York:

Screening Potential Tenants (and Figuring Out Who Fits)

To do property management in York correctly, it’s essential that your property managers make the right tenant selection. This is one of the fundamental steps to high-quality property management in York, and the team at Home365 knows to take it seriously — we’ll find the best renter for your investment property, guaranteed. Screening potential tenants is so much more than performing a credit check. For property management in York to be done right, it’s essential that each of these parties undergoes a thorough background check. Our property managers in York will take care of these background checks of possible tenants, on top of performing reference calls and speaking with each applicant’s past landlords. In addition, Home365 puts all of these potential tenants through a carefully crafted screening and underwriting procedure.

Step 3 of Property Management in York:

Making the Rental Listing and Advertising Your Investment Property

Property management in York isn’t going to succeed unless it involves a strong advertising strategy — this is how potential clients are going to discover your property and begin applying as tenants. If your property managers in York aren’t providing you with tenants to occupy your property, then there isn’t much point in using property management services in the first place. So, Home365 will handle advertising, making sure that your investment property is seen by the right audience. For Home365, a few sentences describing your property isn’t enough to make a successful advertising campaign. That’s why we use both pictures and videos to get your investment property noticed by potential renters. Overall, our strategy for property management in York has proven successful, time and time again. Each of the properties that Home365 manages can expect to have leases filled within around two weeks, depending on the season.

Step 4 of Property Management in York:

Taking Care of Move-In Day

Once Home365 has uncovered that perfect tenant for your investment property, they’re going to need to move in. Our property managers in York have move-in day covered. Each tenant will be given their very own Welcome Kit upon moving in. This kit will give them a run-down on the property they’re renting, ensuring that they know all of the most important information. As the most thorough and efficient property management company in York, the Home365 team will perform a careful move-in inspection of each property we manage. Anything that we discover during this inspection will be relayed to our clients, making sure that they are always up to date. Plus, we make this information quick and easy to access — each of our clients for property management in York will be given their own Portal to log into, to stay informed about their investment property.

Step 5 of Property Management in York:

Collecting Rent From Tenants and Staying on Top of Tenant Management

When a tenant is living on your investment property, that person is so much more than just a means for you to profit. Whenever a property investor works with a tenant, that tenant is transformed into the investor’s own client — a client who should be treated with respect and care, at every step in the rental process. This is how Home365 approaches property management in York. Tenants are more likely to stay on top of positive habits if they’re being incentivized to do so. This is why Home365 provides our tenants with an array of great perks if they engage in behaviors such as one-time reporting of maintenance issues, paying their rent on time, and keeping their property in good enough shape to pass inspections with ease. Alternatively, when we run into tenant issues at any point during property management in York, Home365 will always be available to take care of them. When there’s been a breach in the tenant’s contract, we will always treat these individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of the situation. For property management in York to succeed, tenants should never feel as if they’re being disrespected or condescended to. When investors work with Home365 for property management in York, evictions are extremely rare — we try our best to avoid this outcome whenever possible. However, if it’s ever necessary for a tenant to be evicted from your property, you’ll have a reliable property management company in York to take care of the process for you.

Step 6 of Property Management in York:

Financials and Reporting

When you’re managing an investment property, there’s going to be a wide range of finances involved. Home365 will be available to manage all of our clients’ finances, providing them with stress-free property management in York. All of this financial information will be effortlessly available to our clients through the Portal we’ve provided to them. Whether it relates to balances, income, or expenses, clients will be given the resources they need to stay informed about their property management in York. Once a tenant of your property makes a rent payment, Home365’s clients don’t need to wait around for this money to reach their bank accounts. In fact, our clients only wait a maximum of three days to receive these payments. Your client Portal is also highly useful if you’re looking for repairs or maintenance updates. If any maintenance requests are in progress, investors will be able to follow the progress on their live dashboard.

Step 7 of Property Management in York:

Maintenance Requests, Repairs, and More

When the need for maintenance or repairs arises, Home365 strives to make it as stress-free and straightforward as we can for our clients. That’s why we’ve created a highly automated process for dealing with these requests. If any issues come up, tenants will be able to quickly and easily report them through Home365’s convenient apps. This is just another reason why Home365 provides the most efficient services for property management in York, PA. Our clients will be given video reports, which can help keep them informed on the status of their property. If repairs or maintenance become necessary, Home365 won’t skimp on the service providers we send out to your property — we work with only the best in the York area. Each of these service professionals can then be rated by the tenant. To measure the overall quality of their services, Home365 accounts for over thirty unique data points, so that we know whether we’re getting the best service and pricing in the region. Professionals who fall short of Home365’s minimum rating will be automatically disqualified from working with us again. Our clients will be given the chance to approve any quotes generated from a maintenance, repair, or remodeling job. Even if you don’t have enough money in your account to cover the cost, you’ll be able to take care of the payment through our app, hassle-free. Home365 also believes that property management in York should never markup repair costs, nor should these services take a commission for maintenance requests and repairs. Every client who uses our services for property management in York will have easy access to real-time data and updates about maintenance or repair jobs.

Step 8 of Property Management in York:

A Smooth and Efficient Turnover Procedure

Move-out day is another core component of providing property management in York. Once a tenant has moved out of the property, Home365 will perform our careful move-out inspection, with the tenant’s security deposit being used to cover the cost of repairs. Then, our turnover is efficient and prompt — chances are, you’ll hardly wait at all before your property has acquired a new tenant. In the meantime, whatever needs to be done to bring your investment property back into peak condition, Home365 will take care of it. You’ll be able to approve each of these decisions before the repairs or updates occur.

Step 9 of Property Management in York:

The Best Support Services of Any Property Management Company in York

Since it’s Home365’s goal to make our services as simple and straightforward as we can for our clients, we provide the top support of any property management company in York. If you have any additional questions about property management in York, simply reach out to the Home365 team or head over to our FAQs today.

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