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If you’ve been paying attention to the real estate market during the last few decades you understand how volatile things have been. From housing crashes to virus outbreaks, it’s almost impossible to predict how healthy or sickly the market will be. One of the best ways to avoid this is by searching for the best property managers near me.


For example, Southern Nevada went from being the fastest appreciating market in the country during the mid-2000s, followed quickly by a decline that caused them to be the fastest depreciating market in the country. For long term investors, this kind of turn around in value can make even the most risk-friendly investors think twice about not having reliable property managers.


Because of situations like this, property managers began to notice more and more investors becoming hesitant to get into the market. As a company focused on real estate, we began to think of possible solutions to this issue. That’s how we developed the Home365 Ultimate Coverage Program, but we’ll talk about that more later.

Property Managers Near Me And Challenges In the Real Estate Market

There’s no doubt that real estate is one of the largest industries in America. It’s been long praised for being one of the best ways to increase wealth and stability for individuals and families, especially when paired with great property managers. Find them by searching for property managers near me.  But recently we have come to a  crisis-level shortage of housing that Americans can afford.


Right now, roughly half of renters spend more than 30% of their income on housing each month. This number is incredibly high and makes relationships between landlords and tenants more stressful. This leads to tenants feeling pressured by landlords while landlords themselves are finding it difficult to keep up with increased prices even with good property managers on the job.


The current housing shortage is the result of a number of complex factors: In the homebuilding industry, labor shortages, poor quality property managers,  and rising costs force developers to build pricier residences to turn a profit. This has created a mismatch in the type and amount of housing that’s being built versus the housing that a majority of renters and homebuyers need. Find them by searching for property managers near me.


Across the U.S., wage growth has stagnated while demand for affordable rentals and houses have pushed prices up. With 1 in 2 American renters barely able to afford their homes—and with property owners’ and property managers’ own costs rising—a solution that puts residents, owners, and property managers in a better position are both absolutely vital and deeply uncertain. Find them by searching for property managers near me.

Property managers near me and Frequent Changes To Landlord-Tenant Laws

In response to the rental market’s growing affordability crisis, a handful of local governments

are considering stricter regulations. Oregon and New York City have passed rent stabilization

measures to prevent unsustainable rent increases, and several Californian cities have considered doing the same. Accomplish this by searching for property managers near me 


However, many share concerns that these laws will make it hard for rental owners and property managers to maintain their properties’ profitability and justify capital improvement projects while failing to directly address the need for more low-income and workforce housing. Unfortunately searching for property managers near me doesn’t always work. In addition, Minneapolis became the first city to pass a citywide ban on single-family zoning. 


One of the most common solutions proposed when dealing with housing shortages in high-density cities is simply to build more homes, which increases the demand for property managers. This may lead to more availability but the cost of those new homes will still be too high to solve the problem.


All of the above does not even take into account the rapid introduction of new laws regarding the COVID19 outbreak. We are long from being out of the woods when it comes to how the virus will affect the housing market and property managers. Remember to search for property managers near me. 


All of this, and more, are primary reasons why us, as innovative property managers, have taken an all-inclusive approach to property management. These are all very real issues with no easy answers. Instead of our owners and tenants having to become scholars in real estate, we take full responsibility for all legal and economic changes while guaranteeing consistent payouts.

The Nightmare Tenant

Why search for property managers near me? If all of the above hasn’t made you seriously consider property management, then consider the possibility of having a nightmare tenant. Here’s a true story from a landlord without property managers:


“So this guy gets evicted for non-payment. But instead of trashing the place as most people do, he cut off chunks of drywall, put dead fish in the walls, and sealed them back up.


The new tenants couldn’t figure out the smell for weeks. They got the place professionally cleaned a few times, searched endlessly. Eventually, they figured something must have died in the walls, and figured out what had happened.”


Situations like this can cause numerous headaches and pain in the pocket. People are unpredictable and can act irrationally, but there’s no reason why you should have to deal with it and not your property managers. 


Part of what we do is screen tenants to make sure they are a good fit for the unit. Often, property managers near me can just get anybody they can to move into the apartment without doing too much research, and maybe they haven’t searched property managers near me. 


We don’t do this simply because we understand the value of a good tenant. A good tenant can be a partner for a lifetime which is the best situation for everybody involved. We take on a lot of risk on behalf of the landlord so it’s in our best interest to make sure we are getting the best tenant every single time we have a vacancy. When looking for a property manager, search for property managers near me.

Investing In Real Estate, The Safe Way

No matter what is changing in the economic or legal landscape of the real estate industry it will always be one of the best investments possible for those looking to increase their wealth. With any investment there will always be a risk, our job is to minimize that risk as much as possible for the people we work with.


Property Managers Near Me


Property managers have always been around to help make the process of buying and maintaining properties as easy as possible. However, not all property managers are created equal. That’s why searching for property managers near me is important. At Home365 we take full advantage of all the available technologies that have been created to easily facilitate transactions and tracking between renters and owners. There are still many managers out there that stick old school methods which ultimately hurt their productivity. Always search for property managers near me.

Technology has enabled Home365 to send and receive electronic payments, automate rental listings and showings, coordinate maintenance tickets between renters and vendors, and much much more. However, as landlords have begun to discover these capabilities, property managers near me have noticed that it’s getting harder to make the case for their services when potential clients believe that technology is all they need to manage their own units effectively. That’s why it’s better to search for search property managers near me

Property managers near me know that the human element of their jobs can never be automated. Now, it’s a matter of quantifying the difference that a skilled property manager can make by keeping units filled with great residents, averting expensive maintenance emergencies, and freeing up property owners’ time.

What Makes Home365 Different

Home365 is more than just a property management company that utilizes the best technologies available. We also provide innovative packages that make owning a property as easy as possible. We optimize for searches by property managers near me.

Ultimate Coverage, our most popular plan, covers all traditional property management

services, maintenance, repairs, tenant turnover, and our exclusive rent guarantee. This means you are paying zero fees and taking on zero risks when renting your property out.

By eliminating the unexpected costs of maintenance and vacancies, we deliver a

higher, more predictable ROI. Seamless experience Our user-friendly app and real-time

dashboards allow you to keep an eye on your property’s condition and status at

all times. And always search for property managers near me.

At the end of the day, the real estate industry will always be one of the best investments we can make. Our goal, our passion, is about making these investments as easy and risk-free as possible for our owners. We believe we are truly bringing innovation to the industry that will change how things are done in the future.

Be a part of our movement. And remember, search for property managers near me.