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What Do You Need to Register Your Property in Harrisburg?


In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, rental properties are required to be registered with the city. This is a process through which property owners provide information about their rental units. The purpose of rental registration is to ensure that rental properties meet certain standards and conditions, such as having working smoke detectors and to provide a way for the city to track and inspect properties to ensure compliance with these standards.

Rental registration may also be required to obtain a rental license, which is needed to legally operate a rental property in Harrisburg. To register a rental property, property owners must complete a rental registration form and submit it to the city, along with any required fees.

To complete rental registration in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a business privilege property owner license: You can find this form on the city’s website, or you can request a form from the Department of Code Enforcement.  You will need ownership information as well as property insurance information. 
  2. Submit the form and required documents: Once you have completed the form and gathered any required documents, you can submit them to the Department of Code Enforcement either in person, by mail, or online.
  3. Pay any required fees: There is a $50 fee associated with rental registration in Harrisburg. Be sure to check the city’s website or contact the Department of Code Enforcement to determine what fees may apply to your property.
  4. Wait for approval: After you submit your rental registration form and required documents, the city will review your application and determine whether your property meets the necessary standards and conditions. If approved, you will receive confirmation of your rental registration. If there are any issues with your application, you may be required to take additional steps to bring your property into compliance.

Additional information about rental registration requirements and procedures in Harrisburg can be found on the city’s website or by contacting the city’s Department of Code Enforcement.


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