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Steps to Register Your Rental Property in Scottsdale



The city of Scottsdale, Arizona, requires that all rental properties be registered with the county. This includes both residential and commercial properties. The property owner or manager is responsible for registering the property and obtaining a rental registration certificate. There may be fees associated with this process. It is important to note that rental registration is separate from required business licenses or permits.

To complete the rental registration process in Scottsdale, you may register online using these steps if not registering online:

First, gather the required documents: You will need to provide the following documents to register your rental property: 

  • A completed rental registration application
  • A copy of the lease agreement or rental agreement
  • Proof of ownership of the property (such as a deed or mortgage statement)
  • A copy of the property’s insurance policy
  1. Submit the required documents: You can submit the required documents either in person at Scottsdale City Hall or by mail. The address for the City Hall is Scottsdale City Hall, 3939 N. Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.
  2. Pay the required fees: There may be fees associated with the rental registration process. The city of Scottsdale’s website should have information about the current fees.
  3. Obtain a rental registration certificate: Once your application and required documents have been reviewed and approved, you will receive a rental registration certificate. This certificate must be displayed at the rental property in a visible location.

It is important to note that you may need to renew your rental registration certificate annually and that you must notify the city of any changes to the property or to the owner or manager information within 10 days. You can find more detailed information about the rental registration process on the city of Scottsdale’s website.

We recommend contacting the city directly if you have any specific questions or need further assistance.


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