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The Steps You Need to Know to Register Your Rental in York


York, Pennsylvania, requires all rental property to be registered with the city. To register your rental property, you will need to complete a Tenant Occupied Application and submit it to the city’s Bureau of Housing and Community Development. The form can be obtained online by creating an account here or in person.  You will then click the link for Permits and Inspections, then click Tenant Occupied Application. Applicable fees must be paid at this time.  If you prefer to pay in person, you must apply in person.

In addition to the Rental Registration Form, you will need to provide the following information and documents:

  • A copy of the property owner’s driver’s license or government-issued identification

  • A copy of the property owner’s deed or proof of ownership

  • The names and addresses of all tenants

  • The date the property was first occupied as a rental

  • The type of heating and cooling systems in the rental unit

  • The number of bedrooms in the rental unit

  • The number of parking spaces available for the rental unit

The city will contact you to schedule a rental inspection which must be passed to have the rental license issued.

Once your Rental Registration Form and supporting documents have been received and reviewed, you will be issued a rental license. This license must be displayed in a visible location on the rental property.

If you have any questions about the rental registration process in York, Pennsylvania, you can contact the Bureau of Housing and Community Development at (717) 849-2261


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