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3 Stigmas Associated With Landlords


Unfortunately, because of their specific roles in rental property management and ownership, landlords have acquired a negative reputation not just among tenants, but also around general culture. There are several unfair stereotypes that you might be reduced to just because of your profession, but there are some practices you can enact to reduce the chances of landing into these roles. Identify these common landlord stereotypes and find ways to prevent being known as one of them. 

The Inattentive Landlord 

A significant number of landlords and property owners are rarely seen in the building and barely interact with the tenants, usually delegating some of the more hands-on responsibilities to a property manager. If you fit this description, you may leave an impression among tenants that you are distant and unapproachable. In the best-case scenario, this means that tenants may not want to bring attention to certain problems with the unit. In the worst-case scenario, some tenants may view this supposed lack of authority to do what they want.

Even though there is nothing wrong with staying away from the rental property, you can always create an image of involvement. Send the occasional holiday card to tenants to make your presence known, but in a thoughtful manner. Be proactive in handling maintenance requests so no one has the impression you are inattentive.

The Unfriendly Landlord

Another common stereotype associated with landlords is that they are grouchy, unfriendly, and constantly taking out their frustration on other people. Some tenants may mistake your strict rules and regulations as part of this stereotype as well. This attitude is ignorant of some of the stresses and responsibilities that come with the position, but there are ways to curb this view. Again, sending greeting cards or general correspondence can make a difference. Rent reduction or change in certain policies can also soften your image. In a rare occasion, you must interact with a tenant, use a friendly and polite tone and demeanor.

The Greedy Landlord

Yet another misconception about landlords and rental property owners is that they only care about money. If you are diligent about collecting rent, you might have the assumption around you that it’s the only thing you care about. Additionally, some tenants assume that you delay or neglect to take care of maintenance tasks because you are trying to save up money and spare expenses. Just like the unfriendly landlord, this stereotype is based on ignorance and lack of information about the process of requesting maintenance and the importance of rent money.

Only raise rent when it’s necessary, and if you increase it, be fair and reasonable about it. Also, ensure that maintenance requests are handled as soon as possible. Use an organizational system if you must, but this will ensure you are seen among the community as someone who spares no expense at keeping the tenants happy.

Part of your quest to improve as a landlord should include becoming more efficient and less stressed out due to juggling multiple responsibilities. Streamline the property management process with Home365. Contact us today to receive a free quote for your specific rental property.

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