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4 Landlord Tips for Planning Your Vacation Like A Boss!


Everyone who works hard deserves a vacation, and you are no different. Being a property owner involves a lot of work and expense of time and money to juggle these responsibilities.


You are entitled to the occasional vacation, especially since summer is at its peak. However, guaranteeing a vacation is difficult, since any maintenance or tenant situation can occur at any point in the year. Follow these tips to ensure you have the summer vacation you deserve.


Delegate Your Responsibilities

Remember that if you are leaving for a vacation, you will likely miss the next few days or even an entire week. This is a substantial amount of time you will stay away from your responsibilities. Therefore, prepare ahead of time and find a reliable person to handle all your duties. Usually, this assistance is provided by a property manager or a property management company. If you already employ these services and are generally away from the property, not much might change, but you should still notify them ahead of time.


Provide the Necessary Tools

Once you delegate your responsibilities to another party, you should prepare them with the necessary tools and resources they will need in the next few days. Some of these items include master keys and extra copies of those keys, important documents, directions for certain tasks, spare money for emergency or minor repairs, emergency contact information, and more. You can also provide your number or email. However, emphasize that this should only be used in case of a true emergency, so no one contacts you over small features.


Time the Vacation Right

Before you leave, you might want to schedule the vacation during a lull time in the middle of the month. You will want to take your break during this period, since all the rent for the month will be paid off by this point, and there are less chances that the tenants will require something from you. Additionally, try to schedule the break after completing projects like major maintenance and renovation projects. Avoid taking a vacation during the holidays or special events where everyone is home more often, as tenants are more likely to require your help. The times where tenants are less likely to be available are sometimes the ideal times for your vacation.


Let Everyone Else Know

In addition to your property management provider or delegated person in charge, make sure that everyone else knows about your time away. Tenants should know ahead of time in case there are any situations they specifically want to talk to you about, rather than the person in charge of management. Also, let vendors, contractors, and other companies you work with know about your absence. Even if your property manager can handle these responsibilities without a hitch, it never hurts to be considerate of others.


With the proper property management system in place, you can guarantee extra time and resources for a summer vacation.


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